Restraint – 2nd ed. First published Aug 2014.

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Restraint contains165 pages of erotic poetry ranging from bizarre & kinky to love & romance. Each page is artistically decorated with various borders and ornaments to produce a book that you can be proud to own. It has been described as an artistic masterpiece and endured months of meticulous editing during its production.

If you like this blog then you’re going to fall in love with this book.

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Have you ever woken up in a cold sweat with your subconscious mind dreading the upcoming daily routine? Do you dread the regular beat of preparing for work, preening yourself in the misty mirror before disembarking as quick as you can to beat the morning traffic, only to find yourself sitting idly among hoards of commuters upon congested highways?

Your days are then filled with uneventful highlights from your work environment. Superficial “wins” conducted behind closed doors accompanied by porcelain smiles and gratuitous agreements. The working day is fulfilled through a handful of minutes, and before you know it, you’re slowing grinding your way back home with the masses; where you are bound to update your spouse on the latest developments with your work colleagues.

Then, in a flashing moment, the weekend passes by, and you’re briefly released from the restraint of working life. Birds suddenly find their voices in the morning, the sunbeams finally soak through your clothing and the sweet nectar of coffee magically transforms to help you relax for the day. You’re finally able to spend time with those you’ve committed your life to and to enjoy sunsets with the family on the outdoor porch rather than with countless strangers on the commute back home.

And all too soon, you wake up once again, and the poetic restraint of life kicks in…

But what if one day, your inner conscious finally awakens, and you decide to write a note in that misty mirror for your lover to discover when she gets up? What if the voice you silenced for so many years is suddenly heard and takes center stage in your life? What if it shuts down every other element in your life, removes your sight, ability to comfortably breathe, and fills you with a mind-numbing concoction of passion, ambition, drive, and emotion?

What if you finally realize that your restraint can ultimately set you free?