Librium – For release late 2016

Librium is my first full-length novel.

Come hell or high water, early 2016 will mark the release of this book. I have been writing it on and off (as authors do) for a couple of years now and I’m finally in the midst of final edits.

Librium Cover Front


Some people are born to control. Chaise Vallati is no exception to the rule.

He is about to realise his destiny to accept responsibility and run the family pharmaceutical business, and take complete ownership and control of his first love, Julie Stewart.

She’s a simple girl who yearns to become Chaise’s single possession and she’s hell-bent to pursue a world founded upon power and authority, yet devoid of any limitations, restrictions, or constraints.

However, as their utopian paradise finally becomes a realisation, it is suddenly shattered into pieces, and he soon learns that it’s only when one’s life is broken and fractured, that it is Complete Control that prevented it from falling apart.

Coming soon…

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CH1 – Living his dream

CH2 – The splash

CH3 – The appointment

CH4 – Within his chamber

Ch5 – A Close Shave