Absence – 3rd edition. First published Jul 2014.

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Absence contains 100 pages of romantic and erotic poetry. It is an Erotic Poetry book that reflects various perspectives of Romance, Lust, Love, and Endearment within today’s ever-changing society. Given the broad spectrum of eroticism throughout the world today, I hope its content can adequately capture the diverse spirit and nature of sensuality so prevalent throughout the world today.


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The world changes before your eyes and behind your back. My childhood experiences were so different from my parents and from my own children. Most of which, I believe to be better in my day, because there was less drama, and more love when I grew up.

I grew up in a world that practically magnetised attitudes and behaviour towards traditional conventions. Family values were a stronghold in my upbringing and there seemed to be more respect for others and their values. In a sense, my only exposure to anything outside of the norm came through music videos, late night radio stations, and my studies of artists like Andy Warhol.

It’s not as if my life was prudish neither, nor extravagant. It was just “normal” for as much as I knew what normal was all about. Nowadays though, the boundaries of normality have certainly expanded.

Granted, there have always been significant cultural changes between generations. Perhaps the most significant era occurring in the 40’s and 50’s with the rise of Rock ‘n’ Roll music, which imposed a profound impact on American culture. Music lyrics evolved to include sex, drugs, and other experiences that listeners could relate to personally. It broke through boundaries by practically celebrating issues and topics that few people were even comfortable to discuss.

Nothing has changed today when it comes to music and explicit lyrics. In shopping malls, we hear lyrics like this broadcasted over the radio speakers: “…your sex takes me to paradise…” courtesy of a song about a celebrity crush with Halle Berry. Here is another song lyric that is popular with tweens through the sharing of songs over social media: “I don’t mean to be pushy pushy, I’m just in it for the p**sy p**sy”

Likewise, nothing has changed over the years when it comes to passion and sexuality. The only thing that has changed is visibility of these sex acts is the world has become increasingly open & exposed through social media.

Consider Dominance & Submission, which has existed since the dawn of mankind with sex slaves employed by Kings and Queens throughout the world to gain control of land and exercise their authority. Let’s not forget that Roman orgies were popular 2,000 years ago. It’s just that none of the action was uploaded to You Tube, Vine, or Twitter & shared with the common population.

So you see, human passion has existed from the dawn of time and it has fuelled memorable conflicts as well. Wars’ have been spawned through arguments over lovers and communities separated by the beliefs of a few. I am left with very little doubt: without Passion, conflict would not exist.

In recent months, my life has been infiltrated with stories of global conflict and horror through newspapers and television. I have witnessed personal tragedies of people throughout the world, who are caught in the midst of a deadly battle for their basic human rights. I perceive this conflict as being fuelled by passion as well as being driven by the mourning of loved ones that have been killed in the same conflict.

My previous book titled Burnt helped me to vent some of my frustrations and sadness of such conflict. It focused on a passion that very few people could comprehend; so now, I present the alternative passions’ of “Love and Lust” within this piece of work titled Absence.

“You are, and always have been, my dream.”

Nicholas Sparks The Notebook