Spare A Thought

I’ve been thinking lately,

How this world’s so crazy,

Homeless outnumber the lazy,

Love in life is just a maybe.


Our oceans may be melting,

Bloodied lips continue pouting,

Social media is for flouting,

Metal shells continue pelting.


Our economies are falling,

The children were always crawling,

Malnutritions and sprawling,

Their tears were once falling.


Naked and afraid they try,

Unable to pray to the sky,

Never allowed to ask why.

From birth they hope to die.


The world hidden from their sight,

At his will and through his might,

Too afraid not to fight,

Too scared to run from their plight.


Could you spare a thought for them,

Living in the shadow of great men,

Abused through a life of phlegm,

The silently condemned.


(c) 2017 PJ Bayliss