Lover’s Lullaby

Lovers Lullaby

by PJ Bayliss


How I cherish this time of the day

When my lover passes by, with that gleam in her eye

Letting me know, that her intent is true

And now it is time to play


Like smoke she lingers before me

With a single pass; her innocence & essence. I gasp

Trawling her night shadow behind

She encapsulates me


Transcending into her watery depth

From heel to toe, bended knee to divine luxury

Encapsulating her majestic body within

I submit, gently washing her silk cortex


Emerging from heated pool, she begins to sway

I surge & break fall. We land ourselves, upon cold wall

Our eyes never depart from each other

Her cheeky grin implies I must stay


She grasps hold upon our slow rise

My shoulders clench taut, thighs snatch tight in embrace

Her feet heave up from the ground

I vow not to release firm vice


Together we dance as one

Biting kiss upon neck, she wraps arms, we’ve begun

My girth ruptures as she is splayed astride

Silently she moans, “… love to me Hun.”


I gently place her up & away

Upon leather-clad pad, strapped to chains, haven above

I release her to caress, loves motion applies the rest

I whisper “…Sway Baby, Sway


Hair thrown back upon breeze

Lover’s delight, steam rising, upon sight

Upon departure & re-entry, she commences to glisten

Her first luxury comes with ease


I raise my lovers’ head

Gently she submits to my hunger & intent

I cast & expose my maiden down

Caressing her wounds upon bed


I am now captured by my own prey

Arched back, penetrating, interlocked & tied by firm thigh

She motions to place my soul deep within

Together we sing lullaby. “…Sway baby, Sway


(C) PJ Bayliss 2017


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