Back at the flat, Julie was getting dressed for the party that night. The twins had invited their closest friends to join them at the Fairmont hotel for an Italian meal at the La Cucina restaurant. It boasted authentic Italian cuisine with traditional imported ingredients in a casual, friendly atmosphere and was one of Saint Andrews’ more prestigious dining locations.

Chaise intended to have an exclusive  after-dinner toga party, which was a customary way to celebrate events on the University Campus. Such an event was frowned upon by the hotel management so Chaise had relied upon his family’s business and father’s personal assistant, Peyton, to make the booking that night. He wanted to book the entire spa complex for himself and the group, which typically accommodated several dozen guests at a time rather than smaller groups.

In the flat, spirits were high and buzzing with anticipation over the evening. Julie was bustling about in the bedroom looking for something to wear as Chaise entered the room.

‘What are you up to?’ He asked.

‘I’m getting ready for dinner.’

‘But you have hours to go…’

‘I’ve got to put my face on Chaise, I want to look fabulous for tonight.’

‘You’re always looking fabulous hon,’ he pecked her upon the cheek, ‘You know that.’

‘Aww, you’re sweet, but I’m still getting myself sorted for tonight.’ She walked into the bathroom.

‘Well I guess I could expect that,’ he replied and poked his head through the doorway. ‘After all, it’s not as if you come early…’ he sniggered.

‘Chaise!’ Julie shrieked out with laughter, tossing her nearby hairbrush at him as he retreated back into the bedroom, ‘That’s not fair!’

‘Well… it’s the truth!’ He jested once again.

She lunged at him, forcing Chaise to defend himself and wrestle her onto the bed. They rolled over and tussled playfully together for several minutes and Julie struggled in a futile effort but their play fight was eventually abated through giggles and laughter.

‘Quit it!’ She cried out, ‘Let me go Chaise! You’ll make make me wet myself!’

It was a bluff and Chaise released his grip, Julie quickly dashed into the bathroom laughing, shutting the door behind her.

‘You’ll keep!’ he called out.

‘Promises, promises…’

Chaise grabbed a glass of water and returned to find her back on the bed with playful grin upon her face. Chaise shook his head with adoration and walked by her into the bathroom. He stripped down to his waist and cupped his hands together to wash his face and quickly wiped it dry with a towel.

‘Julie, have you seen my razor?

‘Uh huh. It’s in here.’ She replied with a quirky, mischievous tone from the bedroom, enticing him back into the bedroom. He looked back to see her lying seductively upon the bed with a towel around her waist.

‘Tch, tch, tch, what are you up to now?’ he smirked.

‘Well…’ replied a coy Julie,

‘I thought you might like to help me prepare something special for tonight?’

‘Prepare what?’

Julie flicked the towel off, revealing her scantily-clad body. She wore a set of frilly black French laced knickers that seductively clung to her hips and unravelled with a frill at her thighs. The matching bra pushed her petite bosom up, as if already moulded to fit Chaises waiting palms.

‘Pudding.’ She replied, lifting her knee up as she spoke while revealing Chaise’s stainless steel razor in her hand.

Chaise’s eyes lit up and he caught his own gasp, ‘Whaddaya mean, pudding?’

‘Pudding.’ She said, ‘I need a bit of a trim babe.’ Julie placed the razor down toward her waist, ‘You’ll help me make a tidy job, won’t ya?’

Chaise grinned and eagerly took up the razor. The effect of her proposition was already hijacking his body. His lips were rapidly drying up and the pulse in his neck surged to a steady beat.

‘So, what makes you think you’re not the main course?’

‘With your appetite, I’d be the entrée as well!’ She scoffed.

Chaise smirked, ‘Touché hon, now lie down and let me prepare my feast.’

Julie laid back onto the bed under his command. Her pale flesh gleamed like a beacon from beneath the intricate lace pattern and her anticipation was evident with her perky nipples rising toward the heavens.

Chaise knelt down and placed his hands upon her waist, ‘These won’t be necessary for now…’ He inserted his thumbs into the elastic waist of her panties and slowly drew them off over her thighs, calves, and finally her ankles.

Julie’s sex throbbed as his hands passed over her feet. She propped her leg upward and her moist folds gently unravelled, exposing her sensual shallows to his passionate gaze.

Chaise squirted a bulb of thick shaving foam lather into his palm. Teasingly he placed it upon Julie’s navel, slowly smearing the cool foam across the top of her groin. She winced in pleasure, her skin goose-bumped and nerves pricked as he continued to apply the remaining foam down over her body. Then his razor touched her upper groin, sending her sex into a throbbing frenzy as she waited for the first swipe.

The blade was fresh and it cut purposefully into her thinly spread mat of hair. It left a crisp and sparking clean path behind it and her flesh tingled as it became exposed to the air. Each swipe ignited her desire further still and she secretly bit her lip to disguise her excitement.

Chaise’s excitement however, was more difficult to disguise with his fully erect cock pressing hard against his jeans. He paused before taking another swipe and shuffled his penis to one side for comfort before continuing with another swipe across Julie’s body. purposefully and efficiently. He skilfully navigated the tender curves and crevices of her body. His thumb from his other hand carefully stretched her skin out and tucked her most sensitive private parts away from injury.

The foam bulb slowly swirled around  and reduced with every swipe as Chaise wiped the blade clean on his towel.

Julie had closed her eyes to savour every stroke across her body. She

paused and opened her eyes to watch Chaise carefully manoeuvre the razor across her throbbing pussy.

‘Enjoying yourself?’

‘Very much so, isn’t it obvious?’

Julie raised an eye and glanced down at his crotch, ‘Oh, it’s obvious all right. It always is when you’re enjoying yourself.’

Chaise replied with a smirk and wiped the face of the razor clean one more time. ‘Well that’s the pot calling the kettle black…’ He glanced down toward her now swollen goddess.

Julie blushed and he finished with one last swipe at the crest of her labia. This time his thumb slipped into her soaking wet entrance. He felt the tension of her slowly slide up and over his first knuckle before removing it from her.

Julie gasped, her vocal chords squealing as she inhaled in deeply. She relaxed for a moment before Chaise unbuttoned his jeans and filled her void with his thick cock, his buttocks barely protruding out of his pants as he filled her to the brim. Such was the urge of his lust as he surged forward to kiss Julie’s arching neck, his buttocks tightened up as he proceeded to plunge further into her body, resting only when his hips touched hers.

‘Oh my god Chaise!’ Julie’s fingers clenched tight, seizing the bed sheets as he fucked her with such intensity her entire body was being forced up toward the headboard. With a sudden jerk and clench of his buttocks and torso, he gave out a loud groan of satisfaction which continued as he withdrew from her.

‘My god…’ Chaise stuttered as his body betrayed him. He fell to the side and trembled as waves of ecstasy overcame him. He lay there breathless and panted heavily to recover beside Julie who gently kissed him on his forehead and held him close to her heart amidst the fading evening sunlight.

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