Don’t You Ever…

Don’t you ever think,

That this is the start,

For I will not stop,

Until I feel your heart.

Beating so hard,

Beating so firm,

As I glide inside,

Wriggle and turn

Don’t you ever back down,

Repeal or repent,

I’ll ensure you’ll expire,

Broken and spent.

Collapsed in a heap,

Writhing with pain,

Pleading for mercy,

Begging for more, again.

Don’t you ever imagine,

This is too hard,

For I’ll love you so much,

You’ll be torn apart.

As we inch to our climax,

With fury and lust,

Total abandonment,

Within our scented musk.

Don’t you ever stop,

Going down on me,

Go deep ’till my rocks,

Fill you with ecstasy.

Choking and struggling,

On my engorged length,

Thrusting buttocks,

Until I am spent.

Don’t you ever believe,

I’ll ever let you down,

Or unsatisfied,

I’ll keep hanging around.

Nibbling and biting,

Swallowing you whole,

Gulp upon gulp,

As you collapse and unfold.

(c) 2017 PJ Bayliss


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