A year has passed since Bobbie dropped,

Leather and lace with riding crop,

She left too fast, left too soon,

She left many like me behind to swoon.


Her words of comfort never faltered,

And our minds she always altered,

Stories of sexual glitz and glam,

Simply saying ‘this is who I am’.


Never afraid to speak out,

That was what Bobbie was all about,

Barely a day has past since I last thought,


Not ever forgetting what she had taught.


Now and then I admire her past,

Ensuring her memories will forever last,

I’ll never forget that starry night,

When she announced I was such a delight.


Nothing turns back the second hand,

To bring back her warmth to our hand,

But her words of love will never impart,

From our fragile and broken hearts.


(c) 2016 PJ Bayliss