Flick of My Wrist

Won’t you watch over me,
To return me to sleep,
For only this do I plead,
Only then will I be free.

Now my eyes are aching,
It’s difficult to breathe,
My ears are ringing,
Peaceful bliss I need.

Yet I lie here in vain,
Without a single pain,
On the verge of insane,
Night and night again.

I’m searching for a bliss,
Calm motion of your kiss,
But I put an end to this,
With a flick of my wrist,

My fingers pass on by,
Caressing your silky thigh,
I sense your subtle sigh,
As passion bursts with desire.

I caress your subtle waist,
Before I carefully baste,
Sipping nectar from your space,
How I adore your sleepy taste.

Soon I am fully engorged,
My blood so thick and warm,
So I enter where you pour,
Knuckles sliding forever more.

As you emerge from your dream,
My body enters through your seam,
Sending your senses fleeing,
With tiny shocks through your being.

Our hips touch together now,
As I thrust deep like a plow,
To a motion you know how,
That brings you to a magic shower.

Clenching tight upon my girth,
Toes arching toward the earth,
I penetrate goddesses purse,
With a final sudden burst.

As you wash over me,
Returning me to sleep,
Mingling with my love seed,
Finally setting my soul free.

(C) 2014 PJ Bayliss

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