Why do you insist upon watching me?

Are you checking for signs of misery?

Teardrops, frowns, anxiety,

Or tiny cuts, so deep they bleed.

Looking for cracks that might appear,

Those silver lines trailing lukewarm tears,

Erupting from my deepest fear,

Born from lust so raw and rare.

Your innocent eyes so questioning,

What made you think that I don’t weep?

As broken souls ache so painlessly,

And hearts will break but will not bleed.

I just don’t think you realise,

You’ve tied me up with knots so tight,

Cutting me into pieces every night,

Dividing my passion until the light.


How I wish you’ll cut me loose,

To make as one what is now deuce,

Dissecting this ritualistic ruse,

Submerge ourselves into the truth.


This is what I want you to see,

My soul full to the brim with sympathy,

Yearning for our mutual ecstasy,

Creating our own destinies.


(c) 2016 PJ Bayliss