Hooray! My Kindle books are back on the shelf and raring to go! Boy, am I relieved for that, and I need to send a special thanks to the few dedicated readers out there who supported me in my battle when I was almost completely resigned to throwing the author towel in.

While that might seem a little haphazard to you, but this blow from Kindle couldn’t have had any worse timing from my side of life; My laptop had crashed completely, the kids had found a viral worm to bring into the house, my employer was playing up leaving my finances in a terrible state and bills were rapidly piling up.Yeah, this first half of 2016 was pretty crap and beginging to affect my health as a result.


I have absolutely no idea as to why Kindle pulled the plug. They blame it on ‘irregular borrowing’ bu I can’t see the statistics to back that theory up, neither have they provided them. I can’t even guarauntee that it won’t happen again either, so I’m clueless.

But I have to move on regardless. I can’t afford the time trying to resolve thier business issues when I have I have plenty of my own to figure out.

I realise my last post probably seemed a little abrupt too. Suggesting everyone steals my books is not financially viable or sustainable, but it did underpin my message that I would rather give my books away for free to everyone than have them completely removed from circulation.

Unfortunately I can’t give them away right now.

Ironically I had planned a 5-day giveaway for all of my books days prior to Kindle removing them from the shelf and now that they are reinstated, I can’t activate another promotion for 90 days. (Policy and red tape on Kindle’s behalf…)

So, I’ve done the next best thing and reduced the price of all my books from now until the end of July. Within hours the prices will become effective and you’ll have the ability to pick up a copy for a dollar. Just go to my Amazon page and grab yourself a deal when you find the time.