God give me strength,

If you even exist,

‘Cause I don’t understand,

Why you’re doing this.

Or why you let them,

Get away with it,

Do you expect me to make,

Them pay for it?

Humiliation, betrayal,

The quest for vengeance,

What other of my vices,

Do you intend to wrench?

So why did you let,

Them lead me along?

As their whimsical ways,

Proved right was wrong.

I gave it all away,

My passion and zeal,

To his witty charm,

Innocent appeal.

The promise of luck,

Spoils of success,

All I wanted for him,

Was only the best.

But it blew is away,

Like a nor-wester wind,

Ripping my soul,

Right out of my grin.

My trust. My hope,

My wishes of luck,

He wrote them off,

Without giving a fuck.

He was after all,

A good friend to me,

One I could trust,

In the deepest of seas.

To pull me out,


Not anchor me deep,

In the black dog’s mess.

Yet that is precisely,

What he did do,

My head firmly pushed,

Down with his shoe.

I am far beyond hurt,

Inside me I’ve died,

I know he won’t kill me,

Trust me, I’ve tried.

2016 (C) PJ Bayliss