The door handle to the lecture room rattled in the darkness. Then it rattled once again before the distinctive sound of jingling keys emanated from the hallway.

‘Jesus Christ! Security!’ Exclaimed Chaise. Julie sprung up and quickly gathered her clothing as Chaise grasped her wrist and sprung toward the lecturers desk at the front of the room. The pair slipped under it in between the drawers and quietly waited for the door to open.

A slither of light from swept the room as the door opened. The security guard poked his head inside the room and flicked the lights on. He entered the room and quietly walked up the far aisle to the back of the room before turning back and making his way to the lecture floor. Julie’s heart was pounding with excitement, then she gasped in shock and dug her elbow into Chaise’s ribs.

Both of them looked at the floor before them. Chaise bit his lip in order to retain control and prevent sniggering and Julie’s chest convulsed in silent laughter. The security guard made his way towards the desk and stopped a few metres in front of them.

He knelt down, picked up Julie’s red knickers and shook his head, ‘Bloody students…’ he mumbled, and waltzed back to the door, dropping her panties into the bin as he departed.

The couple burst into muffled laughter beneath the desk. With their hearts in their throats and grinning from ear-to-ear, they hugged each other and revelled in their successful hiding attempt.

‘That was a close shave!’ Julie exclaimed.

‘Yeah. Just like the old days, eh?’

‘I know! I thought I was going to end up in ‘cuffs again.’ She joked.

An involuntary chuckle erupted from the corners of his mouth. ‘Let’s leave any handcuffing to me, eh?’ he replied, ‘C’mon, we better get going babe. We’ve got a party to get to once I return this key.’

Chaise assisted her to her feet and the couple started to get dressed. Somewhat nervously, Julie commended Chaise upon the poem. ‘It’s a beautiful poem Chaise. I didn’t know you could write like that.’

Smiling, Chaise replied with a smile, ‘Well … you know hon, I get more than enough poetic inspiration from you.’ Julie’s soul glimmered from his praise.

‘Aww…’ she smiled, ‘We certainly have our rhythm together. You’re the yin to my yang.’ Julie pecked him on the lips just as he opened the lecture room door. He locked the door behind him and glanced up and down the abandoned hallway.

‘It’s a good thing you have plenty of yang then, isn’t it?’ They made their way toward the central atrium overlooking the foyer entrance.

‘Of course! More than enough babe. Because in your darkest moments, you make me shine brighter still. The darker the better…’

He glanced sideways at her, ‘Oh I can be darker if you wish…’

‘Hey! You two!’ A security guard interrupted the pair as they entered the atrium. ‘What dae yeah think yer dayin here? The place is shut.’ He said in a rich Scottish accent.

Unnerved by the security guard’s presence, Chaise hastily replied. ‘We’ve been studying.’ The guard looked at the pair in disbelief as classes had finished for the year. Chaise continued, ‘Studying for a exam re-sit.’


Unsettled, Chaise replied, ‘Uh… here, at the University…’

‘A mean, which room?’ The guard asked sceptically.

‘Oh. One of the study cubicles back there. Number six or something like that.’

‘Is that the key?’ He asked, looking at the room key in Chaise’s clutched fist.

‘Err, no. This is for another room. I need to return it to professor Gilmour’s office.’

‘Gei it tae me then. Al take it and you twa better get moving. This place is about tae be shut up for the night.’

Reluctantly, Chaise handed the key over to the suspicious security guard. He gave a brief smile and thanked him. The couple headed toward the stairs leading to the foyer with the curious security guard following them closely behind.

‘Thanks again.’ Chaise said, bidding him farewell with a brief wave. The guard gestured back and in that moment caught a glance of Julie’s red knickers tucked into her pocket. He looked down at the room key and noticed the room number on the tag. Now everything fell into place and made sense, but the guard simply smirked and gestured once again.

‘Bloody students.’ He muttered.

In the car park Chaise and Julie laughed off their close encounter and skited about how they’d duped the guard. ‘Where’s you car?’ He asked Julie.

‘Over this way. What about yours?’

‘Carl took it home for me.’ Chaise replied.

‘Ohhh. Of course…’ Smirked Julie, ‘…cunning plan.’

‘You know me, always there with a plan.’

‘True, especially if Carl is there to assist.’ Joked Julie.

‘Maybe, but you didn’t seem too un-phased by his assistance today. In fact, you appeared to enjoy it quite a bit…’

‘Don’t blame me for that! I’m just as much a red-blooded gal as the next one!’ Julie rebutted, ‘Besides, it wasn’t exactly my own un-doing. After all, I didn’t tie myself up and force you two into my own hands.’

She was right, of course. Chaise knew it. He caught her waist and kissed her upon the lips. ‘No. That was my doing, but I knew you’d enjoy it. I knew you’d submit.’ He kissed her once again.

Julie blushed, ‘Yes, I would… and always will whenever you’re involved. No matter what.’

Back at the flat, Julie and Chaise started to prepare for the party. The twins had invited their closest friends to join them at the Fairmont hotel for an Italian meal and an after-dinner toga party. La Cucina boasted authentic cuisine with traditional ingredients imported from Italy. The casual, friendly atmosphere made it the ideal place to warm up their friends in preparation for the evening, which was to take place at the hotels 5-star Spa.

Spirits were up and glowing with anticipation over the upcoming affair. Julie was bustling about in the bedroom looking for something to wear while Chaise entered the room.

‘Getting ready already?’ He enquired.

‘I’m always ready…’ Julie replied timidly, ‘You should know that.’

He smiled at her response. It was one trait she had that Chaise would never wish to alter. ‘Indeed…’ he kissed her upon the cheek, ‘…that I do.’ He glanced toward the bathroom, ‘I guess I could do the same. After all…’ He walked away and into the bathroom.

‘After all what?’

He poked his head around the corner and through the doorway. ‘After all, it’s not as if you’re never early…’ he sniggered.

‘Chaise!’ Julie shrieked out with laughter, tossing her nearby hairbrush at the rabidly retaliating Chaise who bellowed out in hysterics. Julie lunged at him, forcing Chaise to defend himself and wrestle her onto the bed while she struggled but their play fight was quickly abated through giggles and laughter.

‘Quit it!’ She cried out, ‘You’re gonna make me wet myself!’ He let go and Julie dashed into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her.

Moments later she emerged, wiping tears from her eyes and a with playful grin upon her face. Chaise shook his head adoration and walked by her into the bathroom while Julie continued to fossick about in her drawers. He stripped down to his waist and cupped his hands together to wash his face. After a quick wipe with a towel, he scanned the counter. ‘Julie, have you seen my razor?

‘Uh huh. It’s in here.’ She replied with a quirky, mischievous tone from the bedroom, enticing him back into the bedroom. He looked back to see her lying seductively upon the bed with a towel around her waist.

‘Tch, what are you up to now?’ he smirked.

‘Well…’ replied a coy Julie,

‘I thought you could help me prepare something special for tonight?’

‘Prepare what?’

Julie flicked the towel off, revealing her scantly-clad body. She wore a set of frilly black french laced knickers that seductively clung to her hips and unravelled with a frill at her thighs. The matching bra pushed her petite bosom up, as if already moulded to fit Chaises waiting palms.

‘Pudding.’ She replied, lifting her knee up as she spoke before revealing Chaise’s stainless steel razor in her hand.

Chaise’s eyes lit up and he caught his own gasp. He had fantasised about this many times before, and now it was finally happening. The effect of her proposition was already taking control of his body. His lips were rapidly drying up. The pulse in his neck surged to a steady beat. Further south, the tip of his cock started to flex and pulsate impulsively beneath his jeans.

He approached and took the silver handled shaver from her hand. ‘What makes you think you’re not the main course?’ Chaise responded. He hovered over Julie as she laid back onto the bed under his command. Her pale flesh gleamed like a beacon from beneath the intricate pattern and her excitement was revealed through her perky nipples that were now pressing firmly toward the heavens.

Chaise knelt down and placed his hands upon her waist. ‘These won’t be necessary.’ He jested, inserting his thumbs into the elastic waist of her panties and slowly drawing them off over her thighs, calves, and finally ankles. Julie’s sex throbbed as they passed over her feet and she propped her leg upward to allow her thighs to part for him. Her folds were now gently unravelling to expose her sensual shallows to his passionate gaze. She lay back, stretching her arms upward toward the headboard, inviting him to continue.

Chaise shook the shaving can briefly yet vigorously before depressed the button and squirted a small bulb of thick lather into his palm. Teasingly he placed it upon Julie’s waist, slowly smearing the cool foam across the top of her groin. She winced in pleasure at the sensation, her skin goose bumped and nerves pricked as he continued to apply the remaining foam. She had barely recovered before Chaise’s razor touched her upper groin, sending her sex into a throbbing frenzy as she submitted her faith to his hand.

The fresh blade cut purposefully into her thinly spread mat of hair, leaving a crisp and sparking clean path behind it. Her flesh tingled when exposed to the air, igniting her desire further still and she secretly bit her lip to disguise her excitement. Chaise’s excitement however, was a little more troublesome to disguise with his erect cock pressing hard against his jeans. He flicked open a button to relieve the pressure, dropping his pants down to the floor in the process.

Once again the blade swiped across Julie’s body purposefully and efficiently. Chaise skilfully navigated the tender curves and crevices of her body. His thumb from his other hand carefully stretched her skin out to reduce pressure and tucked her most sensitive private parts away from any harm. The foam swirled around in the motion and upon execution of every swipe Chaise wiped the blade clean on his towel.

Julie paused from her inner moment, opened her eyes, and watched as Chaise carefully maneuvered the razor between her inner thighs. ‘Enjoying yourself?’

‘Ha. Isn’t is obvious enough?’

‘Oh, it’s obvious all right. It always is when you’re excited.’

Chaise smirked in reply to her remark and wiped the face of the razor clean one more time. ‘Well that’s the pot calling the kettle black…’ He glanced down toward her now swollen goddess. Julie almost blushed at his comment and he returned to finish his job with one last strip at the top of her labia. This time his thumb slipped inward to her soaking wet entrance. He felt the tension of her slowly slide up and over his first knuckle before removing it from her.

Julie gasped, her vocal chords squealed under the forced vacuum of her breath. Before she could comment, her void was filled once again as Chaise surged upward to kiss her arching neck. His buttocks tightened up as he proceeded to plunge further into her body, resting only when his hips touched hers.

‘Oh my god Chaise!’ Julie’s fingers clenched tight, seizing the bed sheets as he entered. For a brief moment she wondered where the foreplay went, but clearly that wasn’t necessary for Chaise’s swift penetration left no doubt in her mind that she was ready for his motion, which continued as he partially withdrew from her.

‘Sorry, I slipped.’ Chaise jested.

‘No need to apologise. I don’t mind…’ He pushed himself back in once again, Julie’s fingers clutched at the sheets in raging desire ‘…oh I don’t mind at all!’ she replied, thrusting her arms upward to embrace her lover’s firm shoulders as he continued to take her amidst the fading evening sunlight.