Ohhh baby,


Won’t you bathe me?

Oh yeah honey,

Why don’t you bathe me?

Bathe me,

Just gently bathe me,

In your water.

C’mon honey,

Why don’t you love me,

Until you’re running,

Until I’m coming,

Until we’re breathing,

Gently heaving,

Our bodies writhing,

Breath expiring,

With perfect timing,

Our soul’s combining,

So satisfying…,


Keep on trying,

Continue grinding,

Our bodies binding,

Hear beats climbing,

Almost red-lining,

Slip and sliding,

Lips… biting.

Oh baby,

Driving me crazy,

Our lust’s so lazy,

But oh so glazy,

Don’t you play me,

Just stay with me,

Until you splay me,

Until you spray me,

And ’till you…




(c)2016 PJ Bayliss