The oak door swung open 45 minutes later and Chaise walked back down the empty corridor. He checked his phone for messages Julie’s text flashed across his screen.

Where shall I meet you?

He smirked to himself as he composed his cheeky reply.

Meet me at The Gateway.


His phone vibrated once again a few moments later.

What if I am late?

Chaise paused before sending his response.

You will run out of time

Julie replied almost immediately.

Time for what?

Chaise could tell her interest was piqued so he waited a little longer before pressing the Send button.

To complete my task


Chaise switched his phone to silent before placing it in his pocket. He knew his last cryptic message would generate numerous questions from Julie, but he didn’t have time trying to explain it any further. This, after all, was the perfect time to let his ‘training’ from Professor Gilmour kick in.

For a couple of years, Chaise had been seeing Professor Gilmour on a far more personal, intimate basis. Their relationship could be best described as ‘mutually beneficial’ for both parties. It began during a student gathering in 2008, when Valerie was in her final year of study and Chaise first attended St Andrews. Inter-semester classes had just begun on the campus and it typically was a time for students to socialise and ‘find themselves’ among their peers. This was a vital period to the formation of personal connections, friends, and social groups within the university.

Peyton, a long-time friend of Chaise, was intent to introduce him some of the nightlife hotspots and had coerced him to attend one of the orientation-week parties. They had gathered for ‘pre-evening’ drinks at a student flat before heading out to a local bar call ‘The Rule’. It was a boozy night of fun, dancing, and laughter and in the wee hours of the morning the conversation had shifted to politics as New Jersey had just made a public apology over it’s practice of slavery and a couple of politicians had been debating it’s stance of ‘apology’ versus ‘regret’. As the rousing students continued to discuss the contentious subject, Valerie accidentally let it slip that she was into Submission and Domination.

Her intrusive comment marked a significant turning point in the conversation that evening. Curiosities were piqued and idle threats’ soon became promises’ of impact play, bondage and role play. Barely a week into his new academic environment, Chaise soon found himself engaged in a ménage à trois with his childhood ex-girlfriend and a complete stranger.

What a way to start his education. From that night on Valerie and Chaise remained in touch with each other and became good friends. Even when Peyton returned to New York, they would visit each other and go out for drinks, dancing, and entertainment. Valerie became somewhat of a sexual confidante over the next couple of years, mentoring him in the art and techniques of role-play and domination.

When Chaise met Julie, things had to change with Valerie; at least, for his peace of mind anyway.

Julie was unique. She was completely different from any of his previous relationships. She was irreplaceable, but, Julie did have one trait and fantasy that Chaise initially felt intimidated by. That was where Valerie’s training had come into play.

Julie parked outside the front entrance of The Gateway building. Nervously she clutched the steering wheel and gazed into the distance, beyond the glass foyer entrance, projecting herself toward Professor Gilmour’s office. She shook her head and with a self assuring sigh, hopped out of the car and walked up the cobbled pathway toward the large automatic doors.

Her heels clicked upon the brick cobbles as she approached the building. With each step, jealous thoughts’ started to run through her mind about why Chaise had asked her to meet him here.

Here, at Gilmour’s building, knowing how she felt about his past with the professor. After all, what could Chaise possible say here that he couldn’t tell her at home?

A cold chill emulating from the shadow of the building penetrated her spine as Julie drew closer and dark thoughts of self-doubt played upon her mind. The automatic doors opened and she caught a glance of an old flyer posted upon the window.


An epiphany intruded into her consciousness as she walked past the poster and towards the reception desk in the main foyer.

Oh my god!

He’s going back to New York!….

Every semester Julie confronted the pain of saying goodbye to Chaise as he returned back home to New York for the holidays. And every time he had broken the news to her in this building, but this time would be different. Could this be the moment she had been dreading for so long? Her darkest fears sunk into the pit of her stomach and churned away until she reached the cafeteria where they always met. Nervously she reached for your phone and sent a message.

Where are you?

It seemed an eternity before his reply.

Room 2-01

Curiously she headed out of the cafeteria and down the hallway to the lecture room. In that moment she felt a sense of relief a she recalled his earlier cryptic text message. His task…

Julie stood in front of the double white doors leading to the lecture room. She pondered upon the large numbers in front of her and glanced down at her feet. A large red envelope protruded from beneath the door. Julie tugged the corner, picked it up and opened it to read the note contained inside.

My Dearest Julie,

What lies beyond these doors could possibly be your final test.

Please take a seat and I shall be with you shortly.


Julie’s face contorted at his words and the lump in her throat expanded. She was actually starting to feel giddy with anticipation until the cold steel of the handles awoke her senses as she opened the door.

Lecture room 2-01 was one of the largest lecture rooms on the Medical Sciences campus. It seated over 300 students in a semi-arc formation that resembled an ancient roman colosseum. The centrepiece was a large presentation screen upon which lecturers projected videos and learning materials with sound coming from speakers located throughout the room. A small control room located at the back of the room housed all the lighting, sound, and electrical equipment.

Normally it is a pleasant room to visit, but this time when Julie entered the room it was completely dark inside. All of the lights had been turned off and the black-out curtains were drawn shut. A single candle stood on a desk located in the middle of the room, like a beacon, calling to her to sit down.

Julie flicked her phone screen to illuminate her path when Chaises’ voice boomed out over the speaker system.

‘No lights please. Make your way to your seat and turn the phone off.’

Julie looked around the room. Chaise was nowhere to be seen and the layout of the speakers made it impossible to guess where he was. Julie felt quite unnerved at her prospects, but at the same time excited as she approached the candle-lit desk. Within the flickering light of the candle she saw another note:

Through the darkness of night,

Will you make my life shine?

Join me in every plight?

And hold my hand through time?

Will you comfort me through dreams,

That take my breath away?

Hold me close and tight,

‘Till the night breaks into day?

Will you consume my darkness,

Each and every single night?

To live our lives together,

‘till the very end of time.


A tear broke free from the corner of her eye as she read the last line. Wiping it off from cheek, she sighed and whispered to herself under her breath, ‘Oh Chaise.’ She looked around the room and scanned it for any evidence of her lover.

‘Chaise, where are you?’ She called out. Nothing. Chaise didn’t respond. She called out to him once again. ‘Chaise…’

The silence continued and she began to wonder if he was actually in the room, then she finally heard a static ‘click’ on all of the speakers in the room.


‘I’m here. Watching.’

Somewhat comforted by his hidden presence, she began to speak once more. ‘Can you…’

‘Not yet.’ He interrupted. Julies heart began to pound harder with the suspense. ‘First thing, there’s a blindfold sitting on the chair beside you.’ He watched her fumble for it and pick it up, ‘Put it on.’

Julie was accustomed to blindfolds, but this time she fumbled with it. Admiring the intricate lace paisley pattern entwined with red satin and silk as she gently placed it across her face. Tugging the ties taut behind her head, she began to tie a knot when his fingers grasped the ends and tugged them tighter still.

Surprised, Julie took in a quick breath as she released her fingers, drawing them over his as he tied the knot. ‘Thank you.’ She exhaled with anticipation.

‘You’re more than welcome.’ He whispered, his breath flowing over her lobe and down her neckline. Silence resumed once again and she could only see the diffused light of the burning flame of the candle upon the desk through the intricate woven mask. She couldn’t help but have an intense feeling of isolation in the spacious room, which was temporarily relieved as he placed his hands upon her shoulders from behind before walking away from her down the aisle.

‘I have a challenge for you this evening Julie. For your own sake, I hope you’re up too it.’

‘A challenge? What kind of challenge?’

‘Oh you needn’t worry about that. And I guess it will soon obvious to you as we proceed further.’ Chaise replied over the sound system, ‘I’m sure you are more than capable for this challenge though.’

‘I hope so.’ Replied Julie and the room fell into silence once again. She loved being blindfolded and this public location made it all the more exciting to her. But, as she thought about it more, she began to wander how Chaise had managed to reserve the room for this particular cause.

‘How did you manage to get this room?’

‘I have my connections.’ Chaise replied, ‘Also, I can be quite influential if need be…’

Julie played along with his charade, ‘Influential huh? How influential?’ Just as the words slipped from her mouth he moved into view, his torso illuminated against the diffused candlelight.

‘Somehow, I think you know just how influential I can be,’ she gulped in surprise at his presence, ‘Especially over anything I decide I must have.’ Such as yourself, for example.’

‘You must have me?’ She replied coyly.

‘Precisely,’ he drew closer and she reached out to his body. He held her hand and placed it against his lean, muscular torso, ‘Just as you must have me.’ Then he disappeared from sight, ducking down before her desk. She felt his hands grip her ankles. Then he moved her feet before securing them to the legs of the desk she was at. Next he grasped her knees, looped a length of rope around her legs and slowly forced her knees open, tying the rope off once they were spread adequately apart. He ran the palm of his hand up her thigh, stopping at it’s most upper reaches before her panty line.

Julie’s body convulsed in response to his touch. She

loved bondage sessions, especially when blindfolded. The feeling of complete submission to his every whim and desire often brought her to a dizzying climatic euphoria. Once again his torso appeared from the darkness.

Julie thanked him and this time he reached forward and pressed a finger upon her lips to silence her. Through the shadows of the mask she watched as he slowly undid his belt, unfastened his jeans, and dropped them to the floor. With a flick of the wrist, he released his girth and she watched it bounced over the top of his boxers. Julie reached forward and grasped it in her palm. She could feel his blood flood and enlarge his penis as she gently massaged it up and down. Julie started to soak through her panties as she admired his erection.

Once again Chaise’s voice boomed over the speaker system. ‘You seem to be enjoying this challenge so far, but how well do you think you’re doing?’

Julie nodded, ‘I don’t know. I guess I could do better…’ she replied.

‘Hmm, yes. I am inclined to agree,’ replied Chaise, ‘Let’s make this a little more challenge a little more interesting though. I realise you can what you’re doing through that mask, but can you really see what’s before you?’

‘No. I want to see more…’ Julie replied.

‘That’s what I thought.’ Scoffed Chaise, these were precisely the words he wanted to hear as he ventured forth and moved into view beside his brother.

Julie quickly withdrew her hand in surprise. She gawked at the two blurry, but erect, penises in front of her and strained her eyes in the dim light. In this dim light, the two boys were indistinguishable from each other, and they knew it.

“Chaise!’ Squealed Julie as he quickly blew the candle out, bringing the trio into absolute darkness.

With her head buried into the palms of her hands she exclaimed, ‘Oh bugger you Chaise Vallati!’

‘What?’ her replied, ‘What seems to be the problem?’

‘Nothing seems to be a problem. It is a problem!’

‘Really? What’s that then?’

‘Your bloody brother! He’s here with you! And don’t you deny it god-dam i…’ once again his finger pressed upon her lip to silence her.

‘Julie, Julie, Julie.’ Chaise said soothingly, ‘What makes you so sure it’s my brother?’

Oh Fuck!

He was right. She thought hard about what had happened so far. Both of them had kept their shirts on and nothing really gave the identity away of the man she was holding, she thought to herself. Perhaps that was Chaise after-all? Julie pondered. It made logical sense given their looks, but half the university rowing team boys all has such similar physiques and it wasn’t as if she had in-depth knowledge of so many intimate body parts. Now she was even more confused than ever, wondering who, or who she did not hold in the palm of her hand.

‘Hang on a minute! It jolly well doesn’t matter if it is Carl or not! There is someone else in this room with us! That’s the point!’

There was a long pause before Chaise replied. ‘Just one more?’ he replied, ‘Not three, or four, or possibly more?’

Good grief! Could the entire rowing team actually be here after all?’ She began to think to herself. Surely not!

‘You’re right, of course,’ replied Chaise, ‘It is only Carl and me here with you. But, you see, that actually is the challenge babe.’

His voice comforted her a little bit at this moment in time, but her heart continued to pound with anxiety-induced panic deep inside her. ‘What do you mean, that is the challenge?’ Julie replied.

‘The challenge…’ Chaise paused and grasped both her hands in the darkness, ‘…is to identify us from each another.’ He brought her hands up to their waistlines’ until the two erect cocks’ rested in her palms.

She’d never had her hands full quite like this before and they both felt so similar in the darkness. Both their girths pushed firmly outward in her palms and their heads bounced upon her wrist as she reached back. Julie pushed her hands back to their navels, stroked their lower abdominal muscles and let her fingers explore their pelvic ‘V’s’. One of them removed their tee-shirt, then the other, but in this dark void Julie couldn’t tell which of them had tattoos and who didn’t.

‘Any idea yet?’ Chaise enquired.

‘No. Not really I’m afraid.’

‘Hmm. Somehow, I think this is a challenge you would prefer to drag out anyway, than complete in a hurry.’

Julie smirked. She hadn’t thought of that, but now she kept that tactic in mind as she continued to explore their bodies. Cheekily she replied, ‘Oh, I hadn’t thought of that, babe.’

‘I bet.’ He scoffed.

At that moment one of the bodies shifted from Julie’s reach. Then the other shifted. She could only hear them moving around her. Chair legs dragged upon the floor next to her, and then there was silence before Chaise’s voice boomed out of the loudspeakers one more time.

‘Now for your next test…’

A hand came down upon the top of her head and twisted her head around. Julie felt the hardened glans of one of the boys press up against her cheek.

‘A taste test?’ She enquired joked.

‘Precisely.’ Before she knew it, her lips were parted open and he slid inside her mouth. This took her completely by surprise. Surely, this must be Chaise? Julie thought to herself, but within seconds her cheeks emptied as the other twin twisted her head around and entered her mouth.

Good god! What the hell?

The first twin pulled her closer and pumped her mouth full before handing to the other who mimicked his brother. Julie was clueless as to whom was inside her or not. Being honest with herself, she had almost forgotten what her initial challenge actually was amidst all of the activity. Just as she managed to regain her focus upon the task, Chaise interrupted and the boys paused for a moment.

‘Any clue yet?’

‘No, I’m afraid.’ Julie confessed.

‘Hmm. That’s a pity…’ Chaise paused, ‘…kind of.’ Once again the furniture shuffled about as the boys rearranged themselves. ‘I guess that only leaves us with one other option then, doesn’t it?’

She felt the rope release from her legs and thighs. Then her chair was pulled back and before she knew it, she was thrust upward into a fireman’s lift over the shoulder of one of the boys. Confused, she asked what was going to happen next.

‘Fit test.’ Chaise replied.


A fit test?

Oh Christ! She thought.

Surely not?


Her blindfold parted open as she was carried down the stairs but it was useless. All she could see was part of a buttock in the dimly lit theatre. Nothing else could be seen, not even when she was flicked over backward and gently laid out upon the floor. On her back, a pair of hands ran over her blindfold once again and pulled it tight over her eyes. Another pair of hands undid her trousers and started to pull downward. Caught in the moment she complied, lifting her buttocks to enable them to slide off easily the other pair of hands slid her top upward over her head.

Now she lay there naked upon what must’ve been the presentation area of the room. Her panties hung partially off her ankles and shirt around her wrists. She waited there for their next move and parted her thighs willingly in expectation that her lover would slide deep inside her soaking wet pussy.

‘For your sake, I hope you get this next one right.’

‘So do I.’ Replied Julie. She didn’t really want to think of the consequences of getting it wrong. Surely she should be able to tell the difference between the two boys, no matter how hard they had made it this evening. C’mon Julie! Concentrate! She attempted to convince herself, but her mind quickly went blank.

She felt his breath, and then his tongue running up her inner thigh. ‘Fuck!’ She called out spontaneously as he continued to work his way upward, and eventually, around her throbbing clit. Surely that must be Chaise? Julie thought. Then the other twin lowered himself down and pressed his cock against her lips, pushing it beyond and into her throat.

What little concentration she had quickly vanished into the void. Being pumped full of cock while being eaten out was an entirely new, and she relished every single moment. Julie wriggled her wrists free of her clothing and instinctively cupped them around the balls of the first twin as he thrust inside her mouth. She was uncertain what to do should he release inside her, but hoped that wouldn’t necessarily happen to the wrong guy. With her second hand she reached downward and ran her fingers through his hair.

‘Oh my god, Chaise…’ she cried out, thrusting her hips upward off the floor. His lengthier hair had given it away and she finally knew which twin was which.

Carl lifted himself up and patted his brother on the back. ‘I think she’s got us dude.’

Chaise smiled, ‘Yup. Sounds like it alright.’ He replied, ‘Maybe next time… eh?’ The twins chuckled at each other as Chaise reached up and lifted her blindfold off.

Next time what?’ Julie exclaimed in alarm.

‘Next time you’ll have to find out.’ Chaise kissed her bottom lip and drew it into his mouth. Carl winked at her and left the pair to continue making love on the floor in the empty lecture room.

(c)2016 PJ Bayliss