Chaise exited the laboratory, leaving his mad brother behind. He had managed to confirm the Sunday travel plans fitted in with Carl’s schedule and the upcoming graduation ceremonies. For both boys a couple of minor sacrifices needed to be made, but they knew that Federico’s situation was principally out of control. Chaise quickly sent a text to Peyton before continuing up the corridor.

A group of students appeared before him and started to walk toward him. He sliced his way through the mob as they passed by, his eyes catching the glance of a petite brunette who smirked as she walked by. Being an identical twin the boys were often mistaken for each other and Chaise couldn’t help but wonder if she was Carl’s lovely and obliging assistant. Then he quickly conjured up thoughts of the entire group being involved in one of his brother’s experiments. “Noooo. Surely not. Not even Carl could come up with a plan so wicked?” He thought, but nothing would, or ever did, surprise him when it came to his brother being involved. Just as he started to give it more thought, his phone interrupted him with a text reply from Peyton.

Gatwick Airport, 8pm

Details in email.

“Family Flight”

Her last line pleased Chaise immensely.

His father had recently invested in a dedicated aircraft for the business after a shipment of product was misplaced in France and subsequently sold on the black market. The loss itself wasn’t a major but the impact on public relations was intense with Peyton becoming the front person for media reports. There was one fortunate side-effect to the mix up, and that led to development plans for a “lifestyle” product range for the company. The two boys were then placed in charge of leading product development in this new and exciting area of the business.

The Boeing aircraft featured a customised freight compartment for the highly-valued stock they produced without compromising the luxurious interior for passengers. Chaise had only been in it once before when his father escorted him to Scotland in the first semester and briefed the twins on the new business objectives.

Chaise quickly forwarded the text to Carl and continued to drive toward the new campus grounds at the edge of town. The old University buildings shrunk away in his rear vision mirror and he started to reflect upon Carl’s experiment and the impact it would have to the business. His anticipation over the trip grew stronger still and he desperately hoped to break the news to Federico before it was too late. In the meantime, he knew Gianni would be extremely pleased.


Gianni was born in the 60’s and grew up under the influence of cultural revolution and change. As a child he watched the lunar landings along with the rest of the nation and in 75’ he watched his mother perform in the Horror Picture Show musical from the backstage of the Roxy Theatre. His great aunt, Renata, was killed in 77’ during the liberation riots in Bologna and all the while his father, Federico, influenced his passion in chemistry via a home-based experimental laboratory.

Gianni was destined to hold a passion for the weird and wonderful. After reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull in school e became fascinated with the idealistic view of a higher plane of existence beyond heaven. This was galvanised with studies of the native Indian medicine rituals before he took on a role at his father’s company. Before long, Gianni became the head of development and now he held ambitious expansion plans for Pegasus Pharmaceuticals that relied upon the success of the twins education at St Andrews.

For a brief moment Chaise contemplated calling his father to explain the development of Carl’s experiment but he knew Gianni would insist in more extensive trials before celebrating any success. Besides that, he was now out of time as he approached the new university campus and office of professor Gilmour.

Chaise turned into the wide driveway of The Gateway exhibition centre and parked his car in the spacious car-park in front of the building. He walked up the cobbled path towards the exhibition centre, with its sleek modern design, 20-metre high Romanesque styled masonry pillars, and elegantly curved exterior walls. When he neared the building, his throat clumped up with anxiety as he spotted professor Gilmour waiting on the second floor the tinted glass stairwell.

She glared down at her subject through her dark rimmed glasses with her arms crossed. Her firm cleavage punched upward with her stance and her breath sat gently upon the glass window. The professor nodded subtly as Chaise managed a brief smile and waved in acknowledgement as he entered the building.

He waited quietly in the foyer, as instructed. Hushed voices echoed across the masonry walls and bounced off the tiled floor. There was a time, in the not so distant past, when his nerves and waves of anxiety fended off these voices. However, today was completely different with knowledge of Carl’s success. His confidence filled his chest with fresh air and propped his shoulders up and his eyes met their subject as she stepped down the stairway.

Gilmour’s presence filled the expansive foyer. The distinctive rhythm of her stiletto heels penetrated from the crushed rumble of the crowd. Her elegant frame was attired in a formal suit jacket with knee length skirt that hugged her curvaceous hips and thighs. Students washed to either side as she casually waltzed toward him.

Chaise couldn’t help but fall into her emerald green eyes as she approached until he noticed how she was twirling a shiny brass key in her fingers. ‘Your key, Master Chaise.’

Chaise gulped back his suspended apprehension at that word. Hearing it come from her lips sent shivers down his spine. He replied like a true gentleman, ‘Much appreciated, Professor.’

‘You are very welcome.’ Smirked Valerie as she handed the brass key over to his waiting palm. ‘You’re very lucky, it’s the 300-seater.’


‘Isn’t that what you preferred?’

‘Definitely, I just didn’t think you’d be able to…’

‘Oh please’, she interrupted, ‘You know just how influential I can be if required.’

Chaise snickered. ‘Oh yeah. Very influential indeed.’

He tucked the key into his pocket, ‘Thank you very much for this.’

‘My pleasure. Please return it to my office once you’re done, preferably later today, if not try tomorrow after the ceremony.’ Chaise nodded in compliance, ‘But make sure you’re out by seven o-clock. Security comes through about then and they check all rooms.’

‘Understood. We should be well done by then,’ he smirked. ‘I have plans for tonight.’

Valerie groaned, ‘Plans? Not another North Street scene I sincerely hope?’

‘Well, kind of, but it’s exclusively by invite this time.’

Wasn’t North Street by invitation only?’

‘Well, yes. I guess so…’

‘For Christ’s sake Chaise! I went through hell with the Vice-Chancellor last time. You and your brother are just so damn lucky your father’s influence extends right to the top of this faculty.’

‘I know, but please, trust me this time.’

She shook her head in disbelief, ‘Then please do not let tonight’s episode get out of hand once again. Make sure you, your party guests, and especially your brother understand that.’

Chaise considered himself well and truly reprimanded, although he had received a whole lot worse. “North Street” had become a notorious event throughout the University. Students referred to it in jest by saying “Don’t go North-Streeting on me now…” whenever somebody started to loose their cool or behave erratically.

It started with a small post-exam party at a student hall in the middle of town but the night took a turn when Carl turned up with his latest chemistry experiment: an innocent-looking incense stick with a potent aphrodisiac infused into the compound. The hapless party-goers had little chance of escaping the fumes within the closed quarters, and little choice but to comply with the powerful charm of the substance.

As the evening progresses, it turned into a night of rampant debauchery with naked bodies strewn in every room amidst a mass of sensual decadence. The aphrodisiac mist penetrated every corner of the hostel, including anyone who had expired to their bedrooms for sleep that night. Tales of erotic nightmares, soaking-wet dreams, and fantasy fetishes continued for weeks afterwards among the student population, and everybody knew precisely who was responsible.

Chaise resisted the urge to laugh at Valerie’s request, shaking his head he replied. ‘No. This time will definitely be a more private affair. Nowhere near North Street, and nothing to do with any University facilities.’

‘Well that’s a promising start… And what about any of your bloody experiments?

That, I can not promise,’ replied Chaise, ‘But will be more subdued tonight, I promise. We have set certain expectations of our guests this time. No surprises.’


‘Of course,’ he replied with a smile, ‘He will be there too.’

Professor Gilmour rolled her eyes in bemusement. ‘That’ll no doubt mean trouble, but, I guess I should’ve expected that. After all, you two are inseparable.’

‘Carl promised me to be on his best behaviour tonight.’

‘Did he now?’

‘However…’ Chaise cringed as he continued, ‘He does have reasonable cause to celebrate.’

She frowned. ‘Uh huh?’

‘Apparently his paralysis experiment is a success.’

The professor smiled. ‘I hadn’t heard – I presume this is a recent development?’

‘Yes. He put it to the test last night.’

‘Did he now? Tempted to rake her fingers through her hair, Valerie remained calm and collected. ‘If it weren’t for the influence your father has over this faculty…’ She glanced across to the clock on the wall. ‘I don’t have much time this morning. Come with me Chaise.’ She motioned him toward the corridor.

‘Where are you going tonight?’

‘The Old Course Hotel for meal and reservations at the spa.’

‘The Kohler Waters Spa?’ She queried.

‘The very same. We have reserved the entire place just for our party.’

‘Really?’ She replied, raising her eyebrow, ‘Very impressive.’ How did you manage to book it?’

‘My father…or rather, my father’s PA organised it.’

Valerie smirked, ‘Ohhh, the ever-obliging Miss Perez? Is she is working hard to please you once again?’

Chaise nodded in confirmation and the Professor quietly chuckled. ‘What?’, Chaise scowled.

‘Oh nothing… I was just thinking…’

‘Really? Just what were you thinking then?’

Professor Gilmour’s eyes gleamed, ‘Oh nothing…I was simply thinking that the three of you seem to make quite a couple.’

Three of us?…’

He hesitated for a brief moment before smiling at her whimsical comment. ‘Oh, I see. Yes, the three of us will make quite a couple.’

Valerie stopped dead in her tracks and turned to face him. ‘Will? How do you intend for that to happen?’

‘Working visa.’ Chaise beamed, ‘It came through this morning.’

‘Oh well that’s just the best news! What did Julie think about that?’

‘I’ve yet to tell her.’

‘Is that why you requested the key?’

‘Well, not really. I did have something else in mind, but I suppose this will change the scene just a little bit. I’ll work something out.’

‘I’m sure you will.’ Valerie glanced down the empty corridor before seductively sliding her thumb into the corner of his lip, ‘After all, you’re about to become a scholar on this particular subject, but before you can teach, you have to be taught. Naturally.’

Chaise smirked before grasping her ivory white wrist.

‘I know, and I’m sure I’ll do just fine…’ he rolled her hands upward to remove her thumb, ‘…after all, I have such a majestic mistress as a mentor.’

The professor blushed momentarily as Chaise opened the oak door and led her into her office.

(c)2016 PJ Bayliss