Good morning gorgeous.’ Julie said before kissing him on the lips. She had been waiting patiently for Chaise to rouse from his sleep, lying beside him with her head propped up in the palm of her hand. She had been watching him intently for the past hour wondering where his recent sense of sexual misadventure had come from.

‘Sleep well?’

‘Like a log.’ He replied.

‘No more nightmares I guess?’

‘Definitely not,’ Chaise smirked with immense satisfaction like a Cheshire Cat, ‘…but I suspect you helped there.’

‘More than helped. I hope you’ve got that out of your system.’

‘Whatcha mean? That?’ he replied.

‘Precisely that! Whatever you call what you thought you were doing last night.’ Julie replied.

‘I have no idea what you’re talking about?’ he jested, ducking for cover as Julie responded with a swift swing of a pillow to his head. She swung it once again and he giggled while fending off Julie’s futile attack. They jostled for a moment upon the bed, tossing the covers about and wrestled until Chaise finally allowed her to pin him down by straddling his waist.

Julie caught her breath, ‘You know exactly what I mean Chaise!… ‘Last night… Where did THAT come from?’

‘I thought THAT was just what you wanted?’ he replied.

Julie raised an eyebrow, ‘Wait, what? Why would you ever think that I wanted to…’

‘… be fucked like that?’ Chaise interrupted.

‘Well, yeah, if that’s what you call it.’

‘I dunno, why, is this a complaint?’

‘No! Never!’ Julie exclaimed, ‘It’s just that it made me feel so week and vulnerable. You’ve never really taken it like that before.’

‘Was it so wrong?’ Chaise asked.

‘Well, we could’ve talked about it first, maybe.’

‘I’m not entirely sure how I’d go about doing that to be honest. It’s not the kind of thing that comes up at the dinner table or anything.’ Chaise replied, ‘What could I possibly say? “hey babe, can you pass the sauce over, and oh hey, may I dominate your arse and bang you senseless against the wall tonight?”’ he jested.

‘Ha ha.’ Mocked Julie. ‘That might’ve been an improvement.’

‘C’mon Julie, who do you think you’re kidding?’ Chaise scoffed. ‘It’s not as if you haven’t been leaving hints’ around the place, is it?’

Julie paused and perched herself on her knees with the exhausted pillow folded into her lap. ‘Sorry? What kind of hints are you talking about?’

Her look of disbelief took him off guard and Chaise shuffled nervously before continuing. ‘Nothing major. I just picked up on a couple of things I’ve heard you say around the place.’

‘What do you mean? What kind of things?’

Chaise felt quite defensive with her interrogating questions. He searched his memory for an appropriate recollection, then he remembered…

‘What about this then?’ He replied, reaching beside the bed to extract a book from beneath it. He held it up high to her face, confronting her with the material.

With a cheeky smirk she tilted her head awkwardly sideways as the book was upside down. Chaise flicked her shoulder with it, turned it the right way and confronted her once again. ‘This!’

The Beginners Guide To Kink

Illustrated Edition

Slightly embarrassed by the evidence, Julie began to confess, ‘Okay nosey parker, that is my book, but that doesn’t mean I want to do or try anything in it. It’s just a book, after all.’

‘Just a book? A novel is just a book. Any of your other books are just books. This is much more than a book though, it’s a guide. A manual, if you like.’

‘A manual? So what?’ she replied, ‘It still doesn’t mean I want’ to try everything on every page of the goddam thing!’

Chaise was stumped, but remained intrigued as to why a book like this was in her possession. He continued on, after all, it wasn’t as if this conversation was going to pop up over the dinner table in a hurry.

‘Why not?’

‘Why not what?’

‘Why wouldn’t you try everything in this book?’ He opened to the middle of the book and flicked a few pages. ‘It all looks pretty intriguing if you ask me.’

‘Seriously?’ replied Julie, ‘You’d consider anything in this book?’

‘Sure. Why not? If it makes you happy, I’m more than prepared to give it a whirl.’

‘What about the really weird stuff? Whips and that?’

‘Yup. No problem there.’

‘Nipple clamps…?’

‘Interesting. Me or you?’


‘… yup. If you wish.’


‘Why not?’


‘We’ve already done that.’

‘No. I talking about Shiribari styled bondage.’

‘What’s the difference?’

‘It’s ritualistic, elegant, like an art form. You would become a human canvas.’

‘I’d like to turn you into a human canvas.’ Chaise replied. He grasped her head, brushing her hair to the side in the process, and tenderly kissed her bottom lip ‘…and I do have other ideas about how to make you a ritual.’

His words sent a cold shiver of sexual tension down her spine, but how she adored every portion of him, not just his words. Julie watched him get off the bed and walk into the bathroom to shave. She observed him from the bedroom, admiring his well-defined shoulders, firm buttocks, muscular calves and thighs. Julie began to wander just how adventurous Chaise could possibly be and her mind couldn’t resist being carried away with his departing scent before his penetrating voice suddenly snatched it from her spontaneous daydream.

‘Is that okay?… Julie?’

‘Huh? Is what okay?’

‘I said, I’m going to the University this morning to see Professor Gilmour. Will you be able to meet me there this afternoon?’

Julie’s inner minx grumbled with jealousy. The campus rumour mill painted the professor in bad light after she was accused of having an extramarital relationship with another student several years ago. No evidence was found to suspend the professor, but even so, Julie despised the one-on-one meetings between her lover and the professor. She had to remind herself of the strength of their relationship to ease the perils of envy gently tugging at her heartstrings.

‘Oh, yes, of course. That’s fine with me.’ Julie bit the tip of her tongue as she spoke, but her cynicism seeped through within the tone of her voice.

Chaise’s head popped through the door, ‘You alright babe?’

‘Yes.’ Julie hissed.

He sat back down upon the edge of the bed, his face partially covered in fluffy white shaving cream. ‘You don’t seem fine to me. What’s up?’

She needed to change the subject, quickly. Sure as hell she wasn’t going to admit being jealous of his visit with the professor. That simply wouldn’t go down well at all, then something caught the corner of her eye.

‘Don’t worry, I guess my mind is away with the fairies at the moment after talking to you about that book.’ Her cheeks flushed with the lie, but it still appeared authentic.

‘Silly girl.’ He kissed her upon the forehead and left a blob of shaving cream behind, ‘Lets talk about that later then. Maybe you’d like to tie me up and explain a few things to me?’

‘Yah!’ Julie kissed him upon the lips, smearing frothy shaving cream over her chin as she rejoiced.

Chaise secretly bit the inside of his lip as he wiped it from her face before continuing to prepare for his trip to the University.

It was a fifteen minute trip to the Saint Andrews University campus, which is one of the oldest and most prestigious of universities in the world. There was a rich diversity of culture with half of the students originating from 120 countries outside of the United Kingdom. Many of the students came from very wealthy and esteemed families from around the world, and Chaise with his twin brother, Carlos, were in good company with fellow American students.

The East Fife Coast Road gently wound itself north past the golf course and Albany Park before threading its way through the centre of town.

Chaise smirked to himself as the East Sands beach came into view on the other side of the park. It was here where his romance blossomed with Julie as they spent many evenings walking upon the beach and within the Abbey. Their first kiss took place beneath the arches of the cathedral ruins, which inevitably triggered numerous other sensual ‘first encounters’ in the tantalising twilight hours and beneath the cover of darkness.

Chaise continued up the A917 onto Abbey Street. He chuckled as he approached the Byre Theatre where a surveillance camera caught the lovers engaged in one of their more nefarious nocturnal adventures. That night the arresting constable remarked that he’d “Never had to remove a pair of cuff’s in order to put someone in cuff’s”

It had been a first for Julie as well.

Just as the old University buildings swung into view, his car phone rang. He glanced at the dashboard, it was a familiar number calling from New York so he picked up the call with his hands free.

‘Good morning…’

‘Good morning to you Chaise.’

‘Oh hi Peyton. I didn’t expect you, I thought it was my father.’

Peyton chuckled, ‘Well, he instructed me to get hold of you today, no matter what, so I set the alarm to make sure it happened.’

‘I bet, it’s quite early here, must be a lot worse there?’

‘Tell me about it, – it’s 3am!’

Chaise laughed, ‘Good grief! What’s his beef then? Is the old man working you right to the bone then?’

‘Not really Chaise, he’s flying back home at the moment.’ he could sense the tone of sincerity in her voice, ‘An urgent family matter has come up…’

‘Ok. What’s wrong hon?’

‘…it’s your grandfather, Federico.’


Federico was Chaise’s beloved and most endearing grandfather. As a kid, Chaise recalled spending weekends with his retired grandparents’ who had found a new lease of life with their grandchildren. Federico and his surviving wife Malèna, had struggled for many years to have more than one child themselves, so the introduction of twins into their lives during their senior years was a mixed blessing.

Federico had migrated from Italy with his parents at the age of six. His childhood was lost to an arduous working lifestyle because his immigrant parents struggled to locate any decent jobs. Consequently, Federico often helped them wash dirty laundry for neighbouring restaurants before eventually studying Chemistry at NYU.

What he lost in childhood was quickly regained in Federico’s later years as a graduate student in the 1960’s during an era of emerging musical influences, the New York club scene, and sexual revolution. This period in Federico’s life was paramount to his ongoing success as a pharmacist and businessman and it was during his employment as a laboratory assistant at Roche when he accidentally stumbled upon a revolutionary substance for mental health that changed the medical industry forever.

Federico seized the moment to establish a new business; Pegasus Pharmaceuticals, which continued to flourish for generations ever since.

Peyton continued to explain the situation over the phone. ‘He has taken ill Chaise. The doctors don’t expect him to last for much longer. The cancer is still spreading and the osteoporosis is really taking it’s toll on him now.’ Chaise paused for a moment. He knew this time would arrive soon enough, he just hoped that his grandfather would hang on until his graduation. With a sigh he replied, ‘I see. Any idea of how long?’

‘Days, possibly weeks…’

‘Is he in any great pain?’

‘Not a chance. You know what he’s like with the meds’.

Chaise chuckled.

‘Your Father and I are flying out from New York in a couple of hours. We’re departing from JFK at 6am and he wants you two boys to meet him there too – as soon as you can.’

‘Where does he want us to meet him?’

‘At Federico’s villa. I’ve already come up with some flight plans, but I need to confirm you’ll be there.’

‘Flight plans? Sounds serious.’

‘Yes, it is serious. Federico didn’t want everybody to make a big fuss so it’s all come to a head suddenly I guess. I’ve just made plans so far, but nothing booked yet.’

‘Okay then. I’ll get in touch with Carl now.’

‘Sounds fabulous. I’ll send you some trip details shortly for you to consider.’ Peyton continued, ‘Do you think you could leave this Sunday?’

‘Yeah, I can’t see why not, but I’ll check with Carl first.’

‘That’s fine. Oh, by the way, I do have some good news as well…’

Chaise perked up at her announcement, ‘Really? How good?’

‘The best…’ her voice beamed over the phone, ‘Your father has approved the work permit and she is welcome to come and work here on a working visa.’

‘AWESOME!’ exclaimed Chaise, punching his fist into the air, ‘That’s wicked news Peyton! Thanks so much!’

‘Ha ha! That’s no problem sweetie! It’s my pleasure. I’ll flick you an e-mail with all the details shortly. Does she have any idea yet?’

‘No! It’ll be a huge surprise. I can’t wait to tell her.’ Chaise said with a huge grin across his face as he processed Peyton’s news.

‘Brilliant. She sounds like a real sweetheart,’ Peyton replied, ‘Alright then, look, I have to go now and get ready for the flight. I’ll be in touch.’

‘Okay, bye for now.’ he replied before hanging up.

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