I consider the creative writing process to be a unique process in which the writer doesn’t have stringent guidelines to comply with or produce to. It is a living, organic beast of burden in which the original plan or plot of often contorted and manipulated to a varying extent as the story is written. Sub-plot development, editing and re-editing along with beta-reader feedback often work against each other to extrude the final product.

This, at least, has been my experience so far with my first novel: Librium. Through time the organic nature of my story has cursed me with so many re-worked chapters that I’ve lost count. But don’t fret, it is still slowly coming together.

This week I decided to nail the genre it will be categorised under. You see a passing comment from a friend of mine, Christine, some time ago has had me thinking about it for a while. After chatting about my plot in a bit of detail she remarked that it was ‘quite different’. Not Sci-fi, but definitely with an element of it along with a fair share of kinky content.

In determining my genre for Librium I had to consider several viewpoints on the subject.

*Potential Spoiler Alert*

Librium has plenty of love included throughout. It’s a bot of a ‘first love’ tale to be honest and I really didn’t intend to produce this particular story initially. In my mind, the real story begins in book #2, but there’s no harm in producing an extra book to begin with, right?

So initially I thought ‘Erotic Romance‘ would cover it, but I’m missing one vital element: a HEA ending. Well, at least, not in book #1 that is. As Librium is just the first book in the series, my Happily Ever After belongs at the end of the final book. Well, that is the current plan for now.

With romance ruled out, I know the Erotic element has been adequately covered. Librium has sex. Plenty of sex. Not just Porn either, it will be sex that develops the characters, just as much as the sex develops them. And I think my seasoned followers know me all too well that leaving sex out of my story wasn’t an option, so I’m planning to have it feature in many chapters. All of them in fact.

Well that’s the plan…

There are some Mannequins, Medical laboratories, and Medications. Think “MMM…”

So I was left clutching at a few straws in the genre categorisation game and started to think about what else Librium had to offer my readers. As it’s author I really want the book to scream ‘RELEASE’ – Release from this world of convention, rules, habit, and governance. All the things I want to achieve as an individual, and to escape this rat race, through my writing somehow needed to be reflected in the story.

Librium had to show contempt for the ‘norm’. As such, it’s definitely not Vanilla. Like Christine said, there’s some wonderfully weird and quirky things going on within the story. There are some Mannequins, Medical laboratories, and Medications. Think “MMM…” and you’ll should agree that this story is definitely ‘out of the rat race’ material.

That’s when it finally came to me: Erotic BDSM. Possibly one of the most ambitious genres to participate in today, but hopefully a genre that will provide me with a full artistic licence to explore the many facets of sexual fantasy.