Chaise’s nostrils flared at the sweet, pungent aroma of disinfectant permeating the room and silently woke his senses. He took a deep breath, then another as if it was his last to capture the intoxicating scent. It felt so familiar, but he couldn’t possibly recall from where he’d experienced it before. Perhaps, it was an earlier life, he thought to himself.

In the distance, early morning birdsong fluttered in the trees. Their melody immersed within the soothing wash of a spring breeze, which shattered into pieces as the sharp metallic clang of scissors being dropped into a sterile stainless steel tray penetrated the room, followed by an eerie silence.

Muffled voices slowly crawled out of darkness and brought Chaise to his senses when a woman at his side called out in alarm. ‘Doctor!’

A gloved finger gently flicked Chaise’s eyelid open and his iris contracted as it filled with bright artificial light. His fingers clenched tight until the whites of his knuckles blazed across his hardened fist.

‘Doctor!’ the nurse called out once again, ‘I think he’s coming out of it!’

‘What’s his oxygen level?’ came the collected reply.

‘93 per cent, BP falling …’

‘Goddamn it!’ the doctor replied, ‘He is waking up!’

There was a frantic flurry of activity from the surgical team as they tended to their patient.

‘Anaesthetic. Now!’ The Doctor instructed, ‘Quick, before he comes out of it completely…’

‘Yes Doctor.’

‘Bloody hell!’ he muttered from beneath his mask as another nurse quickly shuffled to Chaise’s side to assess the line.

The intravenous line was blocked, preventing the milky white fluid from flowing into Chaise’s swollen vein. Without thinking twice, the nurse attempted to flush the line but quickly noticed the procedure wasn’t working so she pulled it out to replace it. She set the dosage rate to 20mg and a smirk of satisfaction crept across her face, but her valiant efforts were too late.

Chaise felt an acute, sharp, and cold pinch sear through his flesh, followed immediately by the cooling sensation of Propofol infiltrating his forearm. He slowly opened his weary eyes and through the blurry haze of tears, slowly regained his focus, observing the shadowy figures of the surgical team surrounding him. Smudges of blue and green hovered about him like heavenly bodies before they started to grey away into unconsciousness, but not before the searing red-hot seam of pain burnt its way through his flesh from the gaping surgical wound.

Chaise convulsed uncontrollably and screeched out in pain, but nothing emerged from his gasping dry mouth. He lurched upward in his bed, abruptly waking up to his senses with his heartbeat pulsating vigorously within his earlobes as he gazed anxiously around the moonlit bedroom.

He sighed with relief as the familiar surroundings of his bedroom gradually emerged from the murky darkness. Beside him, the bedding stirred as Julie sat up and gently placed a hand upon his lean shoulders to comfort him.

‘Are you okay babe?’

Chaise exhaled with a sigh of relief and wiped his forehead, ‘Uh, yeah… I’m okay.’

‘Another nightmare?’

‘Uh-huh,’ he grunted, ‘The nightmare, yet again.

He slowly gyrated his neck, cracking the joints to release the tension. ‘God damn it! Will these bloody things ever go away?’

Julie sighed in sympathy and continued to rub his shoulders. His nightmares were becoming more frequent and increasingly terrifying, and there was no explanation behind them. Julie detested seeing him suffer like this, but there was nothing she could do.

‘It was so vivid this time. I swear I could actually feel the pain as if it was really happening to me.’

‘Pain? You’ve never mentioned pain before.’ She pivoted to face him and looked into his eyes for answers, but he closed them before she could press much further, ‘What kind of pain are you talking about?’

Chaise paused to contemplate his response, ‘It’s nothing I guess. It’s not as if there’s much we can do, so don’t worry yourself about it.’

‘Chaise, tell me,’ Julie beckoned, ‘Please?’

‘I’m not even sure what kind of pain it feels like.’ He shuffled in the bed before continuing, ‘Besides, I wake up every time when it begins…’

It was a blatant lie, and he knew it. Chaise knew precisely what the pain felt like, right down to every soul-searing millisecond. The reoccurring nightmare had haunted him for several years now and on many occasions’ the inner control freak within had managed to let him remain asleep as it occurred.

Then there were times when he longed to dream in order to embrace the pain. Searching for answers, he would charge his mind with memories and images of the nightmare before going to sleep. However, the cause of the pain remained a mystery to him. Despite this and all of his efforts, though, he had never, ever, managed to determine precisely what kind of wound, or procedure, was causing  the pain.

This left Chaise feeling grieved and disturbed. Until he could explain the situation, there was no way he was going to explain his nightmarish visions to anybody else.

Not even Julie.

‘Pretty please…?’ she pleaded, but he declined and shook his head.

Julie briefly frowned in frustration, ‘Okay, I understand babe. At least it’s all over and I’m here for you now.’ She propped herself up, straddled his lap and locked her fingers together behind his neck. Mischievously, she  smirked. ‘That is… if you want me… now?’

Chaise never could reject her delicate charm. In his eyes, Julie was pure decadence. Instinctively he supported her by grasping her hips as she straddled his lap, and he gazed into her endearing eyes. She had the most incredible emerald green eyes, with bright flecks of gold radiating from the iris that hovered over sublime pools of dark blue and seemingly pierced her inner soul.

Chaise’s nightmares and worries were quickly lost to her gaze and his mind began to wander as he scouted her naked body. She was simply irresistible, from her green-jewelled eyes to firm athletic thighs…

Pouting lips to subtle hips…

Taut calves to her peachy arse….

‘Well? do you?’ Her words quickly brought his wandering thoughts to an end.


Do you want me now?’ she repeated.

‘Of course hon.’ He replied with a succession of kisses upon her lips, ‘I always want you Julie…





She eagerly accepted each and every kiss and slid forward into his lower torso, leaning into him, compressing their bodies together.

She kissed him softly on his neck, creating a trail of kisses up toward his earlobes before running her fingers down from his shoulders through the middle of his back, drawing them back in as he continued to explore her neckline with his lips.

She revelled within Chaise’s embrace, his firm biceps brushing across her skin, his sculpted torso pressing against her belly with every breath, hands massaging her waistline and then slowly moving down to grasp her buttocks. Julie shuddered as he squeezed them and she raked her fingertips down Chaise’s shoulder blades leaving blazing red lines of pleasure trailing behind.

Chaise gave out a deep growl in response.

She felt his semi-erect member bounce upward from beneath her buttocks, then again, and again until his pressure firmly lodged itself  against her sanctuary.

‘I feel you against me.’ She whispered.

‘No you don’t.’ He replied.

Confused, she propped herself back up and raised an eyebrow as he flicked her panties to one side and his blood engorged head flicked across her soaking wet pussy.

He smirked, ‘Now you feel me against you.’

Julie smiled, ‘Smarty-pants’ she replied, and with a gentle rock, his swollen head slid inside her entrance, ‘…I don’t anymore.’

Chaise allowed her to resume control of the situation. Gently rocking, Julie manipulated his erect member to-and-fro within her entrance, staring into his eyes in the process. This was their little staring game. The loser being the first one to blink and would have to submit to the other. Chaise never lost this game.

Eventually, the well lubricated Julie leant forward as she blinked, ‘You win…’ she whispered before kissing him upon the lips, ‘Lucky you’. She flicked her hair back over her shoulders and dipped down to bury her head into his lap.

Chaise’s eyes rolled back and he grasped her wavy auburn hair in sensual contentment. ‘Very luc…’ he muttered, biting the remainder of his sentence from his lip. Julie’s tongue writhed around his pulsating head before she forced it to the back of her throat. He surged forward as Julie plunged downward until her moist lips settled firmly against his base.

A throb of ecstasy coursed through his body. Impulsively he swung his hips forward, thrusting him even further back into the recess of her throat. Julie held him there with persistence and with a quick nod of her head, Julie gathered her breath before plunging back down onto him, again and again.

Chaise’s body tightened up with each motion, his fingers still tightly entwined within her hair as she bobbed up and down before him. His tightening fist sent waves of burning pleasure across her scalp as her mouth and tongue worked over every inch of him until her aching jaw forced her to alter the pace.

She grasped his girth with one hand and stroked him up and down while focusing on his tip with her tongue, teeth, and lips. In ecstasy, his back stiffened and he arched upward to the ceiling, moaning in desire, but yet resisting the urge to release inside her mouth.

With his taut knuckles glowing white, he released his grasp on her hair and took control, pushing her shoulders back. ‘That’s enough from you.’ He said.

‘Please Chaise, let me finish…’ Julie cried out.

‘No. That is enough.’ He said in a firm voice, ‘It’s my turn and I’ll take it from here.’

Julie was disappointed and sat there upon the bed with her knees and thighs spread apart, the soothing cool air threatening to dampen her desire.

‘But Chaise…’

He placed two fingers upon her lips before curling them under her chin. ‘You wanted it to be this way, remember?’

Submissively, she nodded. ‘Yes. I know.’

‘And you asked me to do this, to take control, didn’t you?’ Once again she agreed with him and grasped his hand accepting his command.

‘I only wanted to satisfy you.’ She said, looking up into his eyes as if observing distant galaxies.

‘I know. But my satisfaction is yours.’ He replied and gently lifted to her feet before manoeuvring her backwards until her buttocks and shoulders compressed against the chilly bedroom wall, his curled fingers still wrapped around her chin. ‘Such a good girl’, he remarked with a long drawn-out kiss upon her bottom lip, then he slowly trailed his fingers down her throat toward her sex.

They continued to gaze into each other’s eyes as he explored her delicate folds and hood. His fingers massaged, circled, caressed, and then finally he inserted them. Impulsively, she squeezed as he entered and explored her entrance. He withdrew and slowly licked his fingers, humming with delight as she watched intently. Chaise kissed her and slid his hand down her side lifting her thigh upward and with a single thrust found himself lost inside her. She was poised upon one leg with the other coiled around his body, compressing their bodies together closer and harder with each thrust.

Julie closed her eyes and bowed her head down, her mind capturing every single moment and movement between their bodies. She looked up for a moment and caught his eye in surprise. He was staring directly at her with such a fire in his eye and intent across his face. Julie had never seen him like this before. Possessed by passion, as if nothing else other than his deepest desire mattered.

At that moment, her stomach shuddered uncontrollably and her climax escaped. Julie moaned instinctively as the convulsions continued throughout her body, dissipating to the rhythmic beat of Chaise’s pounding hips. Desperately she looked back at him, but the same relentless gaze of intent remained upon his face. His look said it all. This was not over yet, and she bit her lip and bore down to meet his demand.

Approaching exhaustion, she clung to his shoulders as he entered her time and time again, his full length bringing her closer to her next climax with every single thrust. A shocked rocked through her body as he slapped her arse a couple of times, then he cupped her waist and lifted her up off the ground. Julie flicked her other leg up around his hips as Chaise pinned her up against the wall. Not only was he was fucking her with such a force never experienced before, he was completing in her mind, delivering her to her second climax with ease as she rode his body.

His torso snaked inward and her bit down into her neck as she arched her back in ecstasy, crying out as her second climax poured out from her, ‘Oh my god…. Chaise!’

Julie collapsed in resolution and released her lock from his waistline, sliding away from his taut body. Trembling upon her feet, he gently brushed her tussled hair from her forehead and smiled affectionately before kissing her on the lips, ‘There’ll be no more nightmares tonight, I promise.’

Julie smiled in the deepest satisfaction, ‘Never mind your nightmares Chaise,’ she replied, ‘I think it’s living your dream that I dread’.

He smirked and kissed her lovingly on the lips once again before they returned to sleep.

Chapter 2

Librium Cover Front


To be released mid 2016