The top headline for my local paper today is all about a bunch of school kids brawling and fighting in the street. The fight was caught on camera as the girls stomped on each other, throwing punches, and continuing to fight as police attempted to break it up. Up to 50 people were involved in the scrap and it was all pre-arranged and organised through facebook. That’s right, invites were sent out to those in attendance.

Pete Jones, the deputy principal of the school involved, described the scene as if a ‘red mist’ had descended upon the pack as they fought. Of course it was caught on camera and it has been viewed over 790,000 times on facebook…

it’s been shared 5,000 times…

It’s been liked 15,000 times… and counting…

But, this is by no means ‘viral’ in my humble opinion.

This particular event, I believe, is more appropriately called ‘feral‘.

Viral video’s are said to be those that quickly spread to reach Millions of viewers within a couple of days by being shared by internet users. By nature viruses are infectious, toxic, and potentially poisonous. They are robust and strong and will replicate and transform themselves to meet the conditions of the host. Viruses are alien to our form and intruders to our immune system, which eventually evolves to reject the intruding virus on a permanent basis.

Feral, on the other hand, descends from domesticated lifeforms and individuals and are wild creatures in nature. Feral beasts disrupt the environments where they exist through invasion, intrusion, and in some cases domination. They may root out existing species to a point of extinction and generally pollute ecosystems.

You see the difference? These girls, and others participating in similar fights, are noting more than untamed, savage wild, yet still feeble and weak beasts. They typically rely upon their pack strength to overwhelm their prey, much like how any feral organism does throughout the world.

Bullying is not new to humanity, our culture, or this generation. It’s been around for centuries and countless lives have been destroyed by it over time. I myself have been subjected to it in the schoolyard and on the street, but I’ve never, ever, in my lifetime been invited to attend it in an organised event.

More and more often these days I find the harsh savanna of facebook is the medium for spreading such violent and anti-social videos, pictures, and messages. I would like to say that this organisation is either responsible or accountable for transmitting these images, but that would suggest that they are prepared to take action and isolate it, control it, or stop it from from spreading. Unfortunately facebook rarely does that. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself…


Unfortunately I have seen so many videos shared upon my timeline involving bullying, fighting, and more. I’m absolutely convinced I’ve seen civil vigilante justice take place through facebook with tragic, fatal results. I’ve witnessed bodies convulse and legs shaking in video fights followed by brutal stomping and kicking. And yes, I did report them where I felt the violence was at an absolute extreme (typically death), but the admin replies were all the same and the images remained intact.

Okay, I know FB isn’t the only festering pit for violence on the internet. And yes, they are making changes and have recently introduced systems to warn users of graphic images, but isn’t it a better solution to remove the content in the first place? Since when was street fighting ever part of an educational curriculum? Wouldn’t it be better to educate our uprising generations to simply prevent violence in the first place?

I realise the world isn’t covered with sugar-coated candy and full of unicorns riding rainbows, but it doesn’t need to be full of untamed savagery, mistrust, and violence either. There simply has to be some form of happy medium between these two worlds? Or is ‘protecting ourselves’ asking too much from humanity and our future generations are destined to live like feral animals?

Call me a lost romantic, but I just hate to think that gone are the good ol’ days of innocent Dancing Baby videos have disappeared forever.