Early in July I wrote a poem for one of those ‘closed groups’ on FB and I haven’t been able to remove it from my mind since. It was one of my ‘free’ works you see; un-copyrighted and just one of my offerings to all, so rather than loose it forever to the eternal scroll of a facebook wall, I thought I’d share it with you here.

While writing this particular poem I entered a challenge of sorts with myself in regards to the stanza form. This wasn’t my typical comfy zone of A-B-C-B or anything remotely close to what I’ve written before. Poetry used to just ‘fall out of me‘ with ease, but that’s not quite the case anymore and I wrote this with that in mind. I expected that it wasn’t going to happen spontaneously and I wanted to push through that resistance to prove to myself that I can still do it. And when this “mutated” stanza popped out of me I ran with it to produce what you see below.

Who knows – maybe one day the poetry will begin to fall out of me once again?


A life now past,
Into the night,
Like the quivering rays,
Of fading moonlight,
Shed upon her skin.

Her fingers uncurled,
Cradling the flesh,
Remembering past days,
As his submissive pledge,
Emerged deep in sin.

Their sanctuary,
Of sordid romance,
An orgasmic array,
Of sensual tyrants,
Where she would give in.

How she longed,
For the return,
The sensual embrace,
Of his unfurled stamen,
Releasing her anticipation.

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