Let Me Seep

I don’t know where I am,

Or where I was today,

Nothing here seems real,

Everything feels like clay.


I’m shrouded by the night,

Hiding from the day,

In the silence I can hear,

Voices calling me insane.


Calling out so loud to me,

So loud I can not hide,

Burdened with such pain,

Of tears flooding me inside.


They couldn’t give a dam,

If I’m here or if I’m not,

I doubt they’d hear my cries,

Above echoes of gunshot.


Why must I hide my smile?

Within my shaking palms,

When did I loose all my faith,

Resorting to self harm.


Please just let me seep,

Into my nice warm pool,

I no longer want this life,

So foul and so cruel.


(c) 2015 PJ Bayliss

Written a couple of years ago.

Shared for the first time ever.

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