I don’t know where I was,

Or where I was going to,

When that feeling of love,

Beginning soaking through.


I don’t recall the day,

Or the very night,

When I began to fall,

Into love’s first sight.


I don’t believe it’ll end,

‘Cause I can’t recall the start,

When your golden soul,

Entered my heart.


Why should I cast doubt,

In such a magical start?

When it shatters my dreams,

Of the stars high above.


Why would I want,

This fever to end?

When I’m flying so high,

With no need to pretend.


You’ve opened my eyes,

But closed up my heart,

For there is nothing else,

That compares to our love.


I never want it to end,

Never want it to fail,

‘Cause you’ve become the reason,

I’m so alive right now.


(C) 2015 PJ Bayliss



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