Summer Air

Sweet summer air,

Barely noticed you there,

‘Til chill down my spine,

Our senses intertwine.


That sensual blast,

Forever may it last,

Neck to my hips,

Across sensitive lips.


Thirst consumes me,

Scent so heavenly,

Soul drawn to you,

Unsure what to do.


You detect my nerves,

Cautiously you observe,

Under taint of your eye,

I crumble between thighs.


We walk gentle pasture,

Your sun adorned posture,

Nothing on earth it seems,

Could further weaken my knees.


Drifting stride by stride,

Swimming with your tide,

We cast eye across the land,

Gently you grasp my hand.


As the sun settles above,

Peaceful as a white dove,

You become my only fare,

Amidst that sweet summer air.


(C) 2015 PJ Bayliss



Jealous Rainbows is one of many romance poems available in my book titled Restraint.

Available on my author page at


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