It’s such a reverent taste,
that exudes from satin waste,
a sweet intoxicating wine,
from golden vessel divine,
where the ultimate pleasure,
resides deep like treasure.


It’s where I want to be,
to dine so graciously,
as I swim within the deep,
pool of our lust so creamy,
where we succumb to ecstasy,
when you clench tight onto me.


It’s not available through retail,
as your perfumed scent I inhale,
richest devotion & smitten love,
as you fit me like a glove,
a mere portion leaves me wanting,
of your sensual flaunting.


It’s much more than just taste,
or solemn climax & embrace,
it’s the purest love & desire,
when it’s just you by my side,
this sensation that’s so familiar,
is two souls saturated with Vanilla.


(C) 2015 PJ Bayliss



Jealous Rainbows is one of many romance poems available in my book titled Restraint.

Available on my author page at

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