Time doesn’t fly.

In fact it flashes before me like lightning bolts in a turbulent storm. If time actually flew, there would be an opportunity, albeit a very small opportunity, to actually catch it. Alas, time can never be caught once it’s gone.

That’s my “problem” right now, or should I say, “situation”? Because it’s not really a problem when I look at the entire picture. It’s just a problem when it comes to writing, and eventually publishing my material.

You see I have a small, but very busy, family to contend with along with my work and daily life. I affectionately call them my ‘time-wasters’ as they absorb every waking moment from us through their school homework, hobbies, interests, and play. Time-wasters indeed, but I wouldn’t change a thing when it comes to them. Just the other week I transformed my daughter’s bedroom with a fresh lick of paint, frozen bedspreads, and de-cluttering of her baby cot and other gear. She was so pleased with it upon return of her weekend away and I love hearing the giggling come from that room with her and her toy ponies. My oldest on the other hand is becoming a real lad who helps me locate wasp nests on the property to be destroyed while the middle child is revelling in the joys of his new BMX from Christmas. They ride together on tracks I’ve made out the back while we create an orchard and play area for them.

It seems that only yesterday there were flashes of their first words’, births’, and of black & white scans’ of tiny heartbeats from the Doctors lab…


None of this is wrong, as I’m sure you’ll agree. A number of my social media friends have reminded me of this fact – especially my recently-acquired editor of sorts. I’ve enjoyed the posts from my readers over their holidays overseas, sports games, births, and other special family moments. So many of them have lived past this point I’m at and suggested that this is a particularly special time for families that can never be recovered once gone. Even my neighbours (who have just popped in for a morning coffee) have teenagers who have recently left home, but they are thrilled to be reliving the moment through my own kids by sharing news of recently-discovered Dinosaurs around the world.

Their glimpses into their world have only reinforced how special these time-wasters are to everyone.


So, while I really tried this year to publish my material before the end of March, it simply wasn’t right in my mind. The story wasn’t polished enough for my liking or standard either. And I’m not going to rush it to create a half-cooked effort for my readers either as their time is equally special to them and their families. I would rather have my intrusion to their lives to be of my best quality as a measure of my appreciation.

I’d also like to quickly reassure you all that: Yes. My story will arrive! I haven’t given up on producing it. Some of you have expressed concern about me tossing the thing to one side given my recent FB Page deletion and quiet period online, but i’m still totally committed to producing it as soon as it feels right to me.

God knows it’s been close a number of times and while I struggle to see it’s eventual publishing date right now, but it feels closer each and every day.