Submerged In You

Submerged In You


 Just a little trickle,

Is all that I ask,

For all that I offer,

You simply can’t pass.


No tears of emotion,

No sympathy or doubt,

I need to devour you,

Don’t let your lips pout.


Don’t think you’ll satisfy,

My thirst for passion,

As I’ll wear you inside out,

Like the latest fashion.


Just a little trickle,

Now probably won’t do,

As you’ll set me alight,

When I kiss you.


Igniting my soul,

With flames of desire,

From the soles of my feet,

Edging ever higher.


Let me meet you half way,

You will buckle into two,

As your thighs open,

While my tongue slips through.


Just a little trickle,

Will just be the start,

Nibbling your lip,

I hear you gasp.


I bury myself in,

And wince as you tear,

Your grasping fingers,

Through locks of my hair.


You pull me in close,

But I’m not your pledge,

I tease you further,

Tasting your inner edge.


Just a little trickle,

Slips from your control,

I pause to partake,

Nectar from your soul.


Just a drop in the ocean,

I dive into your sin,

Forcing your tide,

Up from deep within.


Your body contorts,

Writhing as you do,

As you finally release,

I’m submerged in


(c) 2014 PJ Bayliss

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