Protect Your Breasts

Wow, firstly I need to start by thanking Pee Jay for allowing me the use of his platform to help spread the word of Protect Your Breasts. I think PJ was in major editing zone during PYB last year, so for him, and anyone else who may not know the story behind this campaign, I’m going to start at the beginning…

Last year I bought a bra and posted a picture of it laid out on my bed and I received a lot of comments from people about how pretty it was. One follower, Lisa (another woman), asked me if I wanted to do something for Cancer. I didn’t even think about it. Of course I would do something for cancer! I’ve been a huge supporter of Cancer research for a long time.

Here’s the bra in question –>

bra in question

I wanted to do something different though, but what?

I did some research and found the survival rate of early diagnosis skyrocketed compared to those cases where people had waited until the cancer had spread before daring go to the doctor. If early diagnosis saved lives, then why weren’t more people checking their breasts regularly?

It’s simple really. Most people don’t realise that ten minutes once a month could save their own life.

So it became my goal, to raise awareness of self-examination. I also learnt that men can and do die as well through breast cancer. In fact, 1% of breast cancer fatalities are men.

Men get breast cancer too

men get cancer too

Last year we promoted #ProtectYourBreasts for three days only. You would have thought we would’ve fallen on our face, or barely make a splash, but around 900 people changed their avi and supported our cause. After only three days we had managed to spread our message that far!

I was astounded and humbled and it was such a wonderful thing to see happen. Just check out this fabulous Pinterest screen shot capturing our lovely participants.

screen shot

This year PYB has gone even bigger!

I began promoting the event at the beginning of the month and people who participated last year took up the mantle and helped me so much. I created a twitter account for PYB and I even have a partner in crime who informs people about the signs of various cancers and sign-posts where to get the best information from.

How can people take part?

It is so easy to take part in the fun:

  • On Sunday 28th September 2014 change your avi to a picture of your chest. You can be wearing a T-shirt, bra, hand bra, completely topless or even decorate your chest. The most important thing about the picture is that you only post what you feel comfortable with and I can’t stress that enough. There is also the option of DM’ing the picture and we can post anon.
  • Post your pic with the following hashtag #ProtectYourBreasts this will help us identify the people who have taken part and thank them, RT them and hopefully we will create a pinterest with the pictures as we did last year. If anyone doesn’t wish to be included they need to let me know as it would be impossible to ask everyone individually.
  • Make sure you tag @PYB_Cancer too so we can see you.
  • Share the posts/tweets as much as possible. We can only keep the message travelling if people share our message.


Help us to get #ProtectYourBreasts trending by including it in tweets when you’re talking about the campaign.

Share The Fun

The key things about this campaign are share the message, have fun with the pictures and show respect for those taking part.

I have been asked if we are trying to raise money, the answer is no. We believe the message is so much more important than money. We are trying to drive home the fact that we can help save our own lives. You can’t put a price tag on understanding. How to check your breasts

This Sunday we invite everyone to unite with us to make C stand for Clear, not Cancer.

I feel I may have waffled slightly, but I really do get on my soap box for this campaign because I believe in it whole heartedly.

Thank you so much once again PJ for loaning me your platform and for joining the campaign. This Sunday is going to be epic because the people who are taking part are epic.


Lisa Fulham