I’m in a tiny bit of a pickle here with my writing. Not the typical problem either, this isn’t a simple case of writer’s block or lack of inspiration. How I wish the problem was that simple to be honest. No, this is all about protection…


A simple condoms.

Prophylactic, French Letter, English Cap, Naughty bag, Rubberman, Penis Hat, Bullet Proof Vest, Love Glove, Pecker Wrapper, Safety Tool, Cock Sock, Raincoat, Willie Warmer… There are so many affectionate names around the world for these things, that typically bound our affection during love making in real life.

There’s only two reasons why you would use them: Preventing Disease, and preventing babies. They don’t look fabulous on, no matter what colour, but shape and size does have some appeal to certain people. 😉 And forget about the taste too. If real food tasted like that, then the world would have “Magnum Mac” burgers and practically zero obesity.

But let’s get back to “my little problem” though…

I’m writing a scene that involves sex. It’s one of many to be honest as I am determined to indulge in it, without any abandon, within my upcoming book. So far everything is going fine, but I’ve written them all without a condom in sight. (So far) And my reasoning is simple – they disrupt the flow of my scenes. As a reader I skip through the bit between “he opened his wallet and…” to “… over the blood engorged tip…” Yeah. I admit it, reading isn’t one of my greatest strengths.

So now I’m the person responsible for that portion of the story existing or not. Some writers chose not to, while others do put them into the storyline. I can’t say why each writer would choose either option, but I honestly do believe that they’re not advocating unprotected fornication to their devote readers. Lack of safe sex is never something to take half heartedly or to joke about these days, and the risks obviously increase exponentially with more partners. It makes me sick to the stomach when I hear of individuals who have knowingly passed on their history to some new partner.

Along with the problem of disturbance to my story line, I have another problem with the message I’m sending out as a writer. That’s mostly the reason why I’m putting this post out there before I continue much further with my blog. I’ll probably have a disclaimer in my books, but you’ll have to wait a while to read that.

My final problem is quite superficial to be honest; and that’s my fear of reviewers. I know I have one coming up at some point in my future and this particular bunch of reviewers scare me. I’ve listened to their previous reviews and taken note of earlier comments by “S” when she criticised a writer for the lack of use of condoms. “S” was adamant that they should be included in the story line, and my fear is that the absence of condoms may put other reviewers off too. It may even reduce the chances of my book climbing up the sales rankings to enable me to write full-time.

But then my fear suddenly subsided when I realised one important thing. Reviewers don’t sell books, readers do.