About six months ago I stopped blogging for a variety of reasons, but now I’m seriously thinking about coming back.

Time, or lack of, mostly prevented me from contributing on a regular basis as each post took several hours to complete and check prior to publishing it. My poetry posts in particular took a lot longer than most and it wasn’t uncommon for me to spend an entire afternoon perfecting it with the right media, music, and of course; words. My family life suffered and my kids were growing up right in front of my closed eyes.

Time is something you simply can’t replace in life and it doesn’t make any sense spending it online writing “notes” about your life and intention to write when your life is in shatters, and all writing efforts are consumed by the very notes about the intention to write.

So it made more sense to take the advice of several of my readers and wrap those lovely poems up into a couple of books and refocus my attention back toward writing my upcoming novel.

What I learnt in the time-being was quite valuable for any aspiring writer however…

Blogging does not necessarily sell books. Readers sell books.
And you won’t obtain any readers if you don’t have the books out in the marketplace to read. So the plan is to get writing and produce your own material no matter what. Just get it out there for them to read, and divert your attention to the marketing plan once you have something to market.

This might sound like a “Business Basics 101” concept, and it is to a certain degree, but I’ve witnessed a number of failed writing attempts that have been lost in the limelight of a great looking blog.

Family matters, not matter what.
I live for my kids, but there’s no way I can do so if I’m locked up in a quiet room battling a bout of writer’s block (or poet’s block for that matter.). Granted, there must be a balance between family lifestyle and that of a writer otherwise nothing would ever get published, but it’s simply not worth loosing sight of the things that mean the most to you.

Patience is virtue, resignation is a strength.
Most aspiring would confess that progress on their books hasn’t been good as they had hoped or planned. Every writer has the best intention to complete their next work on time, but the sad reality is that doing so is practically impossible unless you’re a full-time professional writer with a publisher on your case about time lines and an editor niggling you over content.

One of my greatest triumphs in writing ever was having the ability to turn it from a scheduled goal into a relaxing hobby. Not only did my internal pressure upon myself release, but I suddenly found myself free of any mental writer’s block and my plot ideas quickly matured.

Unfortunately this last part means my pending release will now take even longer as my plot for Librium develops more, but it should be worth while, for all of us.

So I hope you enjoy my new-look blog and content. It won’t be updated as frequent as before, nor will it have many poems either, but you will be exposed to more of my saucy …

Well, you’re just going to have to have some patience and wait and see.