Baby don’t you realize this effect that you have,
From wicked smile to your contagious laugh,
Only one simple touch makes me glow,
Tingling sensation from my waist below,
Acting so calm yet I feel like a clown,
You heat me up so until I must cool down.
Baby will you help me from melting away,
Come closer to me and have a lil’ play,
Treat me as a man or call me a boy,
I don’t care which so long I’m your toy,
Unfasten my package and take it all,
Loving me with my back to this wall.
One thing’s for sure you won’t wanna bet,
I’ll have you work hard to make me erect,
I need my senses to reel in infinite delight,
As we make love through the day and night,
I’m nothing like any hand-written fantasy,
Remember this as you scream in ecstasy.
Beneath this water torrent we undress,
My hands cup firmly round your breast,
Our bodies covered with flowing ripples,
As I gently bite your aching nipples,
My tongue slowly draws a sensual wake,
Your body trembles and silently quakes.
Slowly you relinquish my soul beneath,
Rasping my soft skin with your teeth,
Delicately licking my cock as it swells,
Releasing my passion from where it dwells,
Sealing my hardened length and girth,
Filling your throat as I thrust to immerse.
Lifting you up from where you now sit,
I suckle to taste nectar from your clit,
Slowly circling my firm tongue around,
Your saturated and pouring wet mound,
Grasping my long auburn hair to steady,
My tongue flicking like a deep water eddy.
As the water gently spills on my face,
Your body reaches out into space,
Slowly scratching away at the rock,
Before you feel the head of my cock,
Erotically bearing its way inside,
Steamy heat between your wet thighs.
Gallons of water cascade over your shoulder,
While I plunge into you on natures bolder,
Deafening water continues to pour,
Yet you hear my moans as I bore,
My aching shaft feels so deep inside,
Tantalizing your goddesses’ tide.
With my rapidly brisk hip movement,
You sense the release of my current,
Squeezing and clenching me with love, 
Your body driving me to full flood,
Before you moan and begin to sway,
Amidst the perfect orgasmic wave.
Our bodies craving sexual lust,
Bursting open with reverent gust,
Flooding the plains like a burst dam,
As if the waterfall was held by a hand,
Sizzling away with our desire,
Our world of love bursting into fire.
(c) 2013 PJ Bayliss

5 responses to “Waterfall”

  1. Wow, PJ…that was exquisite! Letting your words wash over me…shower me in aching desire…undone…just to read it over and over again! Now I might need a drink afterward!

    Lovely xo Kat


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