Misery with Mistress Z


A fellow blogger & aspiring author wrote an amazing piece of erotic poetry on her blog one day which completely blew me away. She was very proud of herself too and prompted me to put my own words together is a similar manner. It was a challenge that kind of set me down a completely new path with my writing, so I’m pleased to share it with you.

Check out her blog here for more inspirational prose: theredvelvetchair.wordpress.com

Mistress Z

I contemplated my fate awaiting me that night,

Careful preparation of the long haul flight,

With black leather zip bag and tools within,

To stripe me barren and potentially remove skin,

Her game of choice was to take out her anger,

Frustration and nightmares upon a mere stranger,

As none were willing, physically able or devout,

I conceded to her whim due to her beautiful pout.


Exit of flight and modern chariot to her door,

I knocked only once as footsteps crossed floor,

Click of lock, the chain rattled before door creak,

She looked at me twice and asked if I was the freak,

So I hooked up my sleeve to reveal wrist tattoo,

Assured she cried ‘Mon Ami that is really you’,

With black bag and leather shoes I entered,

Prepared for hours ahead of lust and torment.


Our arrangement was just to switch sub with dom,

She wore the boots, rubber gloves and used tongs,

With the notion being for me to eat what I feed,

And suffer misery till the edge of me bleeds,

With the embracing caress of Zee’s bottom lip,

She dispatched me into place with her leather whip,

Immediately casting me to the floor at her knee,

Her next command was to lick the boot tenderly.


Her emotions caught up from cold dam of real life,

She just wanted to release them by emitting strife,

Upon sight of my lips caressing her heeled toe,

Mistress erupted with full force to inflict woe,

“Pet will now rise” hauled me to my feet,

As the bag was searched for my leather leash,

“Pet shall not cry, no matter what comes as pain,

And by Zeus shall taste the sour bite of my fane”


My leash had a twitch barely 3 inches wide,

Used to secure and restrain my male pride,

From there the chain stretched up to my neck,

With a couple of twists I become cherry red,

No cuff between ankles but chain across toes,

Wearing leather mask with holes for my nose,

My final restraint does not fit many folk,

Is a solid wooden beam: the withers yolk.


Mistress inspected my costume with stance,

Circling me in a slow sensually exotic dance,

“Pet looks nice” she spoke to me at last,

My murmur of accord cut off so fast,

Her delicate palm slapped across my face,

Followed by her lips and tender embrace,

Her force of lust pumped me full of energy,

“When I’m through pet you’ll come inside me”


Her message increased blood flow to my pride,

Being hard as steel was generally her guide,

The sight of my member bringing her to pink,

But that only made her realize and think,

Of her lover who declined her so many times,

Now she craved every inch of what was once mine,

Her lips sealed my glans before gathering speed,

And easing off before I consider blurt of my seed.


“Don’t even think about it pet” sang my Mistress,

She paddled my nates while caressing my midriff,

To punish me sanctimoniously for being a mumbler,

She forced me down to all fours with steel humbler,

Her words “be still now pet” melted me right there,

A double ended phallus sewed us together as a pair,

She eased it deep into me as I groaned in pleasure,

Steadily riding me at her own pace in her leisure.


As Mistress inched and shoved I ballooned with blood,

She edged herself to the limit of goddesses flood,

Sensing my own precious moment her crop unleashed,

Across my firm shoulders taming my imminent release,

Not a word I could utter as she continued to butter,

My inners climbed upward to climatic stutter,

Silently she cursed before sliding herself off,

To unzip my mask and force me to quaff.


My thirst felt like dust as I gorged her musk,

Follicles of hair were yanked as she thrust,

Gasping for air my instincts soon kicked in,

As I unleashed my tongue to swim in her sin,

Her spiked heels picked up and dug into my thighs,

I was racked with tension as tears filled my eyes,

Her heart broken moan flooded my cheeks,

Yet I was still dry and left hungry to peak.


She released my mask without a moment to spare,

Rolled onto my back as Mistress stood and glared,

Then she whispered “Pet this is is likely to hurt”,

She clamped my nipple with a chain to where I blurt,

Pain intensified whenever I dared to move back,

As my precious Mistress had given me no slack,

Then she slowly trampled my chest with her heels,

I spared not one muscle as my senses reeled.


Broken and shattered, scarred lovingly in red,

Mistress grasped my leash and led me to bed,

Four pillared post where the rope could intertwine,

Spoken softly, “pet will only be nourished by mine”

She anchored my limbs, the rope did not pinch,

I was firmly distended till I could not move an inch,

Then my head jerked up and eyes fixed upon the rafter,

Her moist tongue lapped and rolled around my shaft.


The sensual brink of emotional outburst was so near,

I was determined not to show my Mistress any fear,

The clamps hammered down while blood filled me tight,

“Pet will not come” I must avoid with every might,

The chain broke loose and through skin nearly tore,

As she now eased me inside her delicate bore,

Her majestic body began hovering slowly over me,

Every motion edging me closer to release my seed.


Every writhe and thrust was forced with intention,

All the time I was made told never to mention,

Any safeword or other words, I needed to trust,

That her perfect moment would come when it must,

She was deeply empaled on me at every incline,

Vigorously she rocked upon my rooted vine,

Her back arched back and all hell broke loose,

As her dam burst open down my thighs like a sluice.


Saturated and soaked from mistresses burst of lust,

I felt shipwrecked and shredded as she raised her husk,

My throbbing red fare left steaming from her banquette,

Breathless she whispered “you have pleased me my pet,

For this you shall now be rewarded for lasting so long,

I command you to take me from behind with your schlong”

There was no delay in servicing my mistresses plea,

As I slowly inserted myself as she knelt upon knee.


Desolated I implanted my rigid flesh deeply within,

Mistress Z’s delicate, moist, and voluptuous rim,

Easing forward until darkness shrouded my glans,

I grasped her quite firmly with my bare hands,

“You will be still now pet as I must take control”

I braced myself rigid and tight so as not to roll,

“You will not come either” was her next command,

I truly was her fuck toy satisfying her every demand.


Patiently withstanding Mistress Z’s ebb and flow,

Under her strict command not to come or go,

Bodies bathed in sweet lotion from her recent rain,

Gluteus and thigh muscles ached with intense pain,

No other woman had I caressed so lovingly inside,

Gently fusing within her silk purse where I reside,

Her luxurious passage slowly grinding my love shaft,

When she picked up the pace I knew it wouldn’t last’.


Vigorously pumping me with everything she had,

Ramming my final inch inside her upon our love pad,

“Don’t let me down pet, take me all the way there”

My pulsating girth ensuring was no room was spare,

Casually my hand drifted towards her pleasure zone,

Upon touch Mistress Z emitted a passionate moan,

Trembling and quaking while inner goddess climaxed,

Clenching to me tight until her glorious body relaxed.


Intoxicated with her scent as it burnt the still air,

The battered fuck toy resonated with silent despair,

Splattered with moist lust, aching in deep pain,

Mistress Z slithered from upon top my love vein,

Tenderly touching the steel helmet of my member,

Pressure applied to goddesses steaming hot ember,

“Come for me pet” her voice came to me as delight,

Rich essence gushed reverently upon her wings of flight.


My feet firmly planted finally touched sacred ground,

Our bodies gathered together as neither made a sound,

Her gentle smile returned before a gratifying sigh,

The burning fire disappeared from her gentle eye,

Touch upon chin my Mistress dispatched her last kiss,

Smiling she said “pet you’ve delivered me such bliss”

My role as switch now expired, admiring her grace,

“I truly love you Peyton”…”I love you too, Chaise.”


That gentle burning fire, now been purged from her eye,

Scented bodies of desire, spillage flowing down her thigh,

My chiseled body bare, she soft touched my rear end,

Grasp of what goes there, a tug released the dildo-bend,

Blood surges with instant pitch, my cheeks relapse at last,

“I am such a sorry bitch, my pet you’re going to blast”

Fire returning to her eye, goddess rising within her snatch,

With submission I sigh, committing to my next batch.


A yank of my chain, causing my emotions to be lost,

“I need a firm vein, you shall now adorn my cross”

Wrists bound above head, ankles bolted to the floor,

Tightened clamp until red, passionate lust from whore,

Then a whirr of power, tingling device runs over me,

Bound to her tower, I felt like a dam to the wild sea,

Buzzing my inner thigh, now my quivering perineum,

Tip of my erect desire, sending me into sweet delirium.


Clamped in steel vice, forcing me to remain harder still,

Frozen spike of ice, inserted into shaft of my quill,

The cold felt odd, yet prepped me for her next twist,

A long metal rod, placed inside felt painfully bliss,

Lubricated within, Mistress then clamped glistening rod,

To my swollen sin, with electrical pulse “Oh My God!”

Her charger ticked, as the blue pulse through me,

Igniting my thick, throbbing love shaft of ecstasy.


Cloaked in my mess, I bite lip to allow pain to pass,

Mistress seeks dress, a black strap on for my arse,

Release of my hands, now stropped to a large table,

Yet bolted to stand, bent forward as far I am able,

“Do you love mistress?”, she asks before the first punt,

I grunt in distress, “Wrong fucking answer you little runt!”

Tethered and bent, her glorious punishment impaled,

“Mistress I repent!”, too late, one burst from her flail.


Threshold at test, flashbacks to dark days gone by,

Scented love zest, I inhale the pain by closing my eyes,

Mistress then clamps, the metal rod charges once again,

Silent pinging amps, scintillating sparks of cursed pain,

Flail swipes my flesh, my nirvana gradually descends,

Soothed by her thresh, orgasmic waves now blend,

“Am I your bitch?”, Mistresses chorus rang in my ears,

Releasing my twitch, throbbing pleasure brings me to tears.


A Quickening pace, her unbridled passion converging,

My retorted face, an eruptive climax emerging,

My musket fills, propelling metal rod like a canon,

Creamy seed spills, salvation gushes without abandon,

Amidst my desire, waves of energy emerge within,

Insatiable fire, as Aphrodite’s lava pours from my sin,

Subdued, I relapse, plummeting with her divine grace,

Drifting I relax, waltzing with pleasure through subspace.


(c) 2012 – 2013 PJ Bayliss


6 responses to “Misery with Mistress Z”

  1. Note: A dear fan wrote to me concerned about the hurt being done here & if I enjoyed that.

    In short, I’m not a fan of violence as noted in Confession of a Fleshy; further on this will come shortly.

    So hang in there till I finish this series of poems off & all will be answered 🙂


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